View Full Version : The Era Of The Undead Has Begun

06-18-2009, 03:31 AM
Ok so I wrote about this concept in a blog and I decided to jump into it. I wanted to start a game/adventure in a world infested with zombies. This is the starting point. I would like to eventually do a play by post when I have a decent group and we have figured out all of the details. I am still unsure if this world is entirely humans, or if there are also elves, dwarves, gnomes, e.t.c.

Within a month 90% of the people living in this world have become undead, and the rest of the people who are still alive are in a state of pure desperation and panic. Most people who have survived are alone. They are spending every second, scavenging, squatting, and searching for shelter, safety, answers as to why this all happened, and others who are unaffected.

Little is known about these zombies by the average person except what was learned in the time between original infection, and the current moment. What is known is that people turn undead within a few hours after being bitten by the affected or after becoming exposed internally to the affecteds blood or DNA. These creatures have virtually zero brain activity, acting only on basic primal urges to eat the flesh and bodies of the living. They are very slow, incredibly strong, and dont have the ability to wield weapons(yet), or think critically.

People who were previously dead before the outbreak are unaffected with exception to the town where the outbreak began. In this town everyone died of a mysterious illness and then turned. Those who were dead already in the town also turned. There is no known reason as to why those two things happened only in this town. There is also no known cure...