View Full Version : D&D 4.0 Campaign in Portland, OR

06-13-2009, 04:35 PM
Iím looking for 3-4 players to form a new D&D 4.0 group. Myself and two other players are queer, so new members must be at least queer-friendly and comfortable with some queer content in the campaign, though there will be nothing graphic.

This group is an offshoot of a long-running gaming group that has run several campaigns in a homebrewed world. The combat/role-play mix is about 50/50, but narrative drive, character motivation, and world development are most emphasized. I prefer players who create characters to have an impact on the world around them, and I give wide latitude for players to impact the ongoing storylines running throughout this world and to create their own.

Of equal importance is a fun, smooth-running group. All players should enjoy themselves and get along with each other. Character intrigue is okay as long as it doesnít become disruptive.

This will be a weekly group, meeting probably on either Monday or Thursday nights, but the schedule will be determined by what works best for all players involved. If interested, contact me at bowerme@yahoo.com. Thanks!


01-20-2010, 12:12 AM
Update: The group currently has one opening. E-mail me at the above address if interested. Thanks!