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06-11-2009, 09:43 PM
The Empire has been fractured!

* If you want it, it's for sale. (If you have the money.)
* If you've got it, you can sell it. (If you've got the nerve.)

But watch your back. The next gun might be faster than you; and your ship might not be able to out run 'em!

It's a real sci-fi adventure based (loosely) on MegaTraveller tech using the FATE 3.0 (SoTC) story telling rules.

Come join us at http://rpg-fusion.com and join in the new sci-fi adventure.

At rpgFusion, games are run using a variety of on-line tools. The moves are handled using a collaborative posting method of shared blogs. Each game gets photo galleries, a chat room, forums, and more.

Come to rpgFusion and sign up for this game or see about starting your own.