View Full Version : working on a new campaign - looking for input

06-09-2009, 12:30 AM
So I've been toying with building a new campaign based off a D&D 3.5 rules set, I'd like some input froma players perspective on the following ideas i've thought about putting into the campaign.

Semi Historical - to span from 4000 BC to 1700's AD -
Generational Campaigning - players will have option of playing a descendent when the story arc shifts to another time period - being a descendant of one or more of your other characters will open new starting feat options.
Persistent effects - Player decisions that influence key events in history will have far reaching implications during the next story arc - the butterfly effect would be an exaggeration, but if players radically alter the course of history, it will reflect in the next time period.
Character Races and classes - Races can be any of the base PHB variety, but whether a race continues to be available in the next story arc would be up for discussion - Classes would be under the same general rule, any of the base - with availablity in the next generation or arc to be determined by the consequences of the game world last arc - prestige classes will need to be approved, and homebrew prestige classes will be available during the campaign.

Anyway - I'd like to hear what players might think about a game with these elements.