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06-04-2009, 06:54 PM
1) We sometimes move the game around, but most of them are in West Seattle. Rides usually available if we move around.
2) This is an independent system; not mainstream - you will have to learn to play
3) If you like uber-characters, this is not the game/system for you
4) The theme is epic fantasy, twinged with horror and intrigue

Dunstrand Rising is the tale of characters who grew up or have moved to what was once considered the outreaches of the Duchy of Dunstrand and a place far off maps of any importance. The characters are in the service to the local Earl of Bar-Innis - ridiculed as the 'swamp earl' for generations, but now at the center of many events and happenings. The characters are part of this, his bannermen and loyal servants at often at odds with the Earl's court and servants (and even the Earl himself) in order to fulfill their the oaths to serve land and do right by the people. In service to the Earl, their Duke has called upon them many times as well... heroes they are not, but only men and women sworn to uphold the honor and good name of the Earl, Duke and the lands of the High King. The political landscape of both the world and Dunstrand is changing. The sleepy heartlands are awake once more, war and famine prowl the north, the powers of gods and men clash now after generations of acrimonious diplomacy.

Campaign Record
http://www.incarna.net/iweb/host/kelly/rpgs/CampRec/c_dunst/ = CURRENT
http://www.incarna.net/iweb/host/kelly/rpgs/CampRec/c_dunst/pt1.aspx = PAST
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Mixed group of male and female players, meeting every other week approximately. Prefer experienced players who can handle mature themes.
Prefer realism & intrigue over 'kill & loot' approach - but won't shy from a good fight. Table top + email based character interaction.

08-04-2009, 05:50 PM
Your group's campaign sounds really great. I'd be interested about learning more about your system, and if you're still LFP, maybe joining.

08-09-2009, 02:41 AM
One of my favourite things about gaming is learning a new way of ordering the world. I'd love to check out your game if you've still got room.