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06-03-2009, 10:56 PM
If we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it but to learn from history we must understand what happened. Over a century ago the world was just like it is now, almost exactly like it is now. That was the time when the races of men first learned about The 13 Masters of Evil, and that was the time when evil came into being on Naramos. This evil is opposed by the Gods of Good which weild the races of men to their aid.
Through the years a great war, a massive war took place between the races of men and Darkones. These darkones were lead by Hellsent who were brought to Naramos in secrete by the 13 Masters of Evil. Each of these Hellsent was given a shadow weapon to use in the destruction of Naramos. This war ruined much of Naramos and left shattered remains behind of many civilizations. Although the forces of darkness were ultimately defeated it was as much their own doing as those that opposed them. Only a handful of brave warriors stood between them and their conquest and if not for these godsent and the use of a holymark weapon all of Naramos would have been laid to rest.
But almost of these stories have all been forgotten and discarded as time has passed to ease the suffering of the past. Kings only seak the riches that keep them in power, they are not concerned with chasing a fools dreams of a long dead rivalry between the gods. Over a century has passed and the only fools will be those that donít heed the warings. Those that donít see the shadow creeping ever closer will not have time to react before they are surrounded. Evil has once again become a powerful enemy and this time it could bring the world of Naramos to its knees.
History has started to repeat itself and the failures of the past haunt the world once again. The forces of evil have quietly been gathering strength while the races of men turn a blind eye. For hundreads of years they sat quielty, patiently waiting for the time to strike back, and that time has finally come. Events have slowly befallen the world that can lead to another great war between the races and again the only thing standing it their way might be a few brave warriors.