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05-30-2009, 01:57 PM
Since I was on the subject of found memories I thought this would be the perfect time to post some of my favorite memories, I'd like to hear what you have to say aswell about some of your favorite games and why of course. Anyhow I'll start it off.

This happened about 2001, not one of my most fondest but we do talk about it alot even now so many years later. A good humor story if i say so myself. Let me set the setting for you all.

I play with a group of long time friends, most of us been playing together since 1995. Normally in epic sized fantasy campaigns. This time around I had deicded to do something alittle more dark and modern (still used swords and stuff of course). The group consisted of 6 of us. Louis, Brian, Robin (now whom is my wife), Dave, Ed and Jay and myself the DM. They had gained entry into a secret lab where strange magical experiments were taking place. The group split up into two, each checking out different areas of the complex. Louis, Jay and Ed went towards the main testing area while the rest went off in the file rooms. The main testing area resembled the Weapon X program for those whom had seen the Wolverine movie. A number of giant glass test tubes resided here and they were checking them out. Ed decieded it was a good idea to climb one (dont ask even he didn't know why) and for what ever reason he picked the one with a giant crack down the middle of it. Both Louis and Jay both warned him that is wasn't a good idea (aswell as I) but Ed being Ed deicded to do so anyhow.

Well I am sure you can guess what happened he managed to get to the top of the LARGE GLASS TUBE and it shatters sending him face first into giant glass shards that had been scattered everywhere. A good 15 foot drop. Well this was the very first character death we had ever seen, just a mess and Ed was quite upset (not mad just bummed) we all had a good chuckle and watched as he started at 1st level again. 8 Years later and we like to bring it up from time to time to have a good laugh. Ah, those were the days.

05-31-2009, 01:24 AM
Here is a funny one. I was a rogue and my friend nathan was a sorcerer with a cat familiar. Well we were walking down a tunnel with the cat holding an oil lamp in its mouth. Being a rogue an joking as we always were, I went to attemp a slight of hand check to steal a key from nathan. I passed the check against nathan, and failed against the cat!!

So reaching for the key, the cat took a swipe at me with its claws. Being a rogue and out of actual combat I was aloud to make a reflex save against that, and then punched the cat in the face, while he still had the oil lamp!!

Well the cat dropped the oil lamp and all of us there missed trying to catch it except for the last second nathan caught it with mage hand... So because of bein stupid I almost caught my entire party on fire in a orc tunnel... Learned my lesson from that, but we all still laugh about it even now

05-31-2009, 10:34 PM
Since all I ever really played was D&D, that's where my best memories come from.

One of our group created a HUGE dungeon, like 15 levels deep. Starting about the 5th level, there was a giant creavace almost in the middle. This hole just got bigger and bigger the deeper we went in the dungeon. There were three of use each playing a couple of characters each exploring this place.

Tons of critters and treasure, very little of it we could actually carry out, but we sure tried. We used to play at least 3 nights a week exploring "The Hole", as the dungean became known as. We never really did find the reason for the hole being there, but we were pretty sure it wasn't good.

My best memories come from a campaign much later in my D&D career, well past the hack'n'slash and Monty Haul campaigns. This one took my role playing to a whole new level. We were just starting out with 3E and I wanted to try something different, either character or race. Our DM was very open to what we could do, so I rolled up a Lizard Man fighter. The DM pulled me aside when I gave him the character sheet and asked if I had seen his notes. I hadn't and told him so. Just so happened that there was a lizard man community being raided by these pirates we were being hired to find. So, he gave my character a ring of polymorph (human) as the lizard man community was not well liked around the local area.

I named the guy Thoriss, and went out of my way to ad extra "s" sounds to my name, and anything else with an s in it. I thought that would be how a lizard would talk. After clearing out an old ruins near the starting town, we cleaned it up and used it as a base of operations. We even had hired help to tend to the crops and a herd of cattle we had.

Throughout our adventuring, Thoriss had been the up front "brute" of the group. If a door wouldn't open, he'ld bash it open, up until the time a trap went off and hurt him pretty badly. Then when anyone would say "Thoriss...door" he'ld say "No more hurt" (yes, he was dumb as a brick as well).

We finally found the pirates base of operations and were making plans to attack when some NPC we had stumbled upon who was helping us got captured by the pirates. We made a frantic effort to save him before they set sail to who knows where in their ship, but half the party was captured in our rescue attempt. Oddly enough, the pirates had hired on some lizard men as mercenaries, so he slipped the ring off and fit right in to the crew. When he finally found the missing party members, they were tied up in a cabin and drew back in fright when he entered the room. He slipped the ring back on and said "It me, Thorisss" with a smile. All around the table the players jaws dropped. They had no idea at all I was playing a lizard man.

After getting the party's equipment back, they took care of the pirates, comandeered their ship, and started home. Some notes lead us to a hideout where we were attacked by more pirates, and something we didn't know exactly what it was. We beat the pirates pretty easily, but this thing just kept attacking, healing itself, and attacking some more. We finally thought we had beated it when it levitated out of reach and then swore revenge on us. The DM never told us exactly what it was, except it came from the lower planes somehwere. So, in all this fun role playing and adventure, our party managed to piss off some demon or devil. Sadly, this was the last time this group played. By far the most fun I've ever had with a group and a character.