View Full Version : Character Creation III...Outlook and Ethics...

05-29-2009, 11:08 PM
The most interesting part of the process of character creation is how your character reacts to certain situations...

I use the following as a litmus test for characters...

You are walking through a forest, and you come upon two soldiers brutalizing a peasant girl...they do not see you, but you see them. What do you do?

The first response is to help the girl...but consider the following...what if she has stolen something valuable, like medicine or gold from the soldiers? What if she was a camp follower who killed one of their comrades? What if she's being apprehended for terrible crimes? Do you act, then sort things out? or do you wait and see what happens? This one situation, determines alot about your character...

Also in the Ravenloft campaign setting 3.x, in the chapter for player characters are 13 questions for each player to answer about their PC.

1. What do you look like?
2. Where is your family?
3. What is your greatest love?
4. What is your greatest regret?
5. What makes your skin crawl?
6. What fascinates you?
7. What are your habits?
8. What are your secrets?
9. Are you rational or passionate?
10. Are you sophisticated or superstitious?
11. How strong is your faith?
12. How self-confident are you?
13. What drives you to adventure?

Ravenloft is replete with individuals dealing with the consequences of how they react to their surroundings and to the events that play out in their lives. This also plays into affecting their fear and madness rolls...

This is in no way a demand for all players in the Demiplane, but it is an environment rich in deep and well thought out characters...and it would be unfortunate just to come into the game with some five minute generated character...