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05-29-2009, 04:58 AM
History of the Thieves Guild

It claimed as even as the Temple of Aath being built, in the hidden rumble of the crumbled Southern empire, the Guild was being built. Saint Jackdawl, a resourceful priest loyal to the faith is said to have laid the foundation the Guild. When he ascended to the high plains for his sacrifice, his followers continued the tradition for over two hundred years. Ever the trickster and con man, Jackdawl was best know for his tricks pulled on other Saints, especially the daunting Saint Bahmus, who's faithful still carry animosity till this day.

The Guild today is run mostly like a business with contracts and assets, running the cities blackmarket and other illegal activities. As the largest guild and most powerful under the Overlords, the Thieves of this Guild hold incredible influence. All jobs must be sanctioned by the guild less a free-lance thief finds himself at odds with the guild. The percentage of loot (sometimes as high as 70%) is grossly unfair and that is why many choose to work outside the guild for bigger profits-at their own risk.

The guild offers "protection" to anyone with money, but merchants first and foremost. Anyone trafficking in goods would do well to pay the thieves' guild to keep their merchandise safe. This has a certain benefit for merchants as they know who to go to if things don't go as planned. After all, the thieves want the merchants to prosper so that the protection money keeps flowing.

The guild used to have a tradition on very strict on rules of membership including only Human males. This has been progressively dropped as the Guild has found uses with different races and genders to be assets in their activities. Nevertheless, the majority of members are human and male and those from other backgrounds are unique.

No one joins the Guild lightly. It takes a certain persona to be part of the organization with the ever present threat of rivals in the ranks or worse, subjected to the harsh city legal system. Nor does one leave the Guild except in death.