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05-26-2009, 11:11 AM
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Brownies and Ghouls (http://www.shadowrun4.com/wordpress/2009/05/brownies-and-ghouls/)

So, while some of you hopefully got to play a Shadowrun game or two this holiday weekend, I did not. A combination of reasons—primarily that my GM was out of town (more so than usual). The other reason was that it was my son’s birthday on Memorial Day, so there was a lot to do to prepare. But I did sneak in a little Shadowrun goodness. At one point, my husband called while he was out distracting the children, and asked what I was doing. C’mon, a house free of children and husband? I was writing! I was also baking brownies for the upcoming party, and so I told him: baking brownies and writing about ghouls. What a natural combination. The brownies disappeared almost immediately upon exiting the oven—we ended up having cupcakes at the party, a last minute substitution—and the story was sent off to John (who, honestly, probably would’ve preferred the brownies).

This weekend was also busy for Seattle 2072, as sketches and art kept pouring in. Absolutely rocking art. I was pretty tickled to see an artist’s rendition of Pistons enjoying a cup of coffee. C’mon, how perfect is that for Seattle? You’ve got guns, you’ve got explosions, you’ve got a shadowrunner enjoying coffee. What more is there? (okay, okay, there’s a lot more, but that picture made me smile.)

On another positive note, I bought my airfare to Gencon. Catalyst Game Labs will have a booth (of course!) and I’ll be spending a lot of time there, doing one of my favorite things—talking to folks about Shadowrun. I also get to play some Shadowrun; a bunch of the freelance writers have coerced John Dunn into GMing the tourney for us (no, we won’t be competing, we’re just doing it for fun). Which means I haven’t actually read the tourney this year, but I did call dibs on the female PC. There’s always at least one, which the gentlemen of the writing team jokingly named “token.” I did put in some requests (I like playing hackers and technomancers, and I’m partial to humans and elves) but that probably means the “token” chick on the runner team will be a troll physad…