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12-09-2006, 08:42 PM
This evening I finally ran a (mostly improv) demo of of "Days of Judgment" (http://www.frank-mitchell.com/games/dead-end), my Walking Dead in the Old West game. It uses the PDQ system with a more detailed damage system intended to reproduce the physical aspects of damage, especially for the undead.

The rules I used are at the link I noted above, but based on feedback and my own experience I'm going to have to tweak and simplify them further. Watch those pages for changes (eventually).

12-11-2006, 04:51 PM
BTW, for those in the playtest group, I think I was calculating damage wrong. To cite from my own document:

To calculate the number of Damage Points, compute the following:

Count the number of points by which the attack roll succeeded, called the Success Margin.

If the attack was not a ranged attack, divide the result in half rounded down. Rationale: in Melee, opponents roll a total of four dice, while in Ranged Combat, a shooter rolls only two dice against a fixed difficulty. Without this rule, dueling axes could be twice as deadly as duelling pistols.

Add the weapon's Damage Bonus to the result.

If the weapon is marked "Impaling", and the target neither alive nor a Walking Dead's head, divide the result in half rounded down again.

Since all guns are "impaling", I think I got the last step wrong. Of course, what this *really* means is that I need a simpler system. (I may not do "Days of Judgement" again, but I might need something similar for a FATE game I intend to run one of these days.)