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The Stacks: An extra dimensional space. An entrance is usually found in a large library behind a door deep in the basement labeled "No Admittance", usually in a funny place for such a door.

The Stacks hold every book, every song every bit of information ever recorded anywhere and anytime. They are endless, and very easy to get lost in.

For every book moved another row of shelves appears. The shelves go up as far as you can see. As long as you can see. The shelves extend back in time to before the written word, chanting and songs can be heard as the shelves give way to painted stone walls and darkness. They extend forward into digital media that has not been invented yet.

Once in a while a node is found. This is a door into another library. The problem is unless it is the world and time you came from, you can't get more than a quarter mile from the node itself. Nodes form where the "weight of words" in a given library exceeds a certain threshold. College archives are prone to such nodes.

The books near a node will be related to the node, in that language and of that time. Nodes can be in any place and any time in which such a library exists. A given node will exist throughout time as well. It is possible to find lost books and books that have yet to be written, from your point of view.

The Stacks are not empty. Various creatures roam them. The most typical are:
Elminopee: A curious red crab-like creature the size of a man's hand. The small creatures are the keepers of the stacks. They know where everything is and where everything goes. If you can communicate with them they are your best friends. They do not speak and even with telepathy they are not loquacious. They can understand the spoken word.

Elminopees want everything in its place. They work together to move displaced books back to their proper shelves. They clean up things that do not belong. This includes despondent graduate students who finally sit down. An Elminopee will pinch their butt and move away, trying to get the person to follow it. The person that does will get home. People standing and moving are assumed to "be in the right place".
hd 1/4, ac 14 , bab +1 d/a none
Move: 30 Size: Tiny
Stats S 5 -3, C 10, D 16 +3, I 14 +2, W 20 +5, Ca 7 -2
Saves F+1, R+3, W+5
HP 2

Thesaurus: A carnovirus saurian with an excessively enormous vocabulary. Recognized for conversing people to extermination, with a remarkable propensity toward Brobdingnagian verbiage.

A Thesaurus resembles a smallish T-tex. It mainly eats ladders absorbing the knowledge within and increasing its vocabulary. They get lonely with no one to talk to, so they run people down to talk to.
The Thesaurus will attempt to corner people and talk them to death. Anyone cornered must make a will save DC equal to their Int score. Failure means you have succumbed and will take 1d4 Wisdom damage. You must continue to make saves. +1 to DC for each you fail until you either die of the Wisdom damage, or make a save. Those that save can attack and thwart further talking attacks.

Wild Academicians have been known to eat the Thesaurus that can't talk fast enough. They have been known to eat the occasional Wild Academician that didn't move fast enough. It's a scholar eat scholar world.
7d10, ac 13, bab +5 d/a bite, talking
Move: 30 Size: Large
Stats S 19 +5 C 17 +3, D 11 +0, I 22 +6, W 11 +0, Ca 7 -2
Saves F+7, R+2, W+2
Talk you to death: Will DC = target Int. 1d4 Wis damage
Bite 1d10+5 +10
HP 73

Ladders: Large slow moving beasts that are phelgmatic in the extreme. They eat the books themselves becomeing vast stores of knowledge which they are too bovine to use. It is posible to climb all over ladders and they don't really notice or stop grazing. The biggest danger is being stepped on by one. They are called ladders because you can climb one to reach the upper shelves. They don't really care.

Thesaurus will kill and eat ladders absorbing further vocabulary in the process. Wild Academicians get one once in a while. They are tough and nearly oblivious.
12d10, ac 15, bab +9/+4 d/a stomp
Move: 10 Size: Huge
Stats S 27 +8, C 20 +5, D 8 -1, I 2 +4, W 11 +0, Ca 4 -3
Saves F+11, R+2, W+3
Stomp 1d8+8 +17/+12
HP 144

Wild Academicians: Scholars have been getting lost in here since the written word begain. Some have stopped trying to find their way out and live among the stacks. Some are even born here.

Wild Academicians are noted for their unkemt hair and wearing book cover as loin cloths. They carry clubs made from shelves as well as scissors and letter openers stolen from nodes. Rarely they will get the blade from a paper cutter.

Wild Academicians attack to subdue anything that looks even a little like them. Women (rare) are inducted into the tribe. Males (far more common) are quizzed as to their knowledge. Those that pass are inducted into the tribe. Those that fail are consumed by the tribe.
F4, ac 1 , bab +4 d/a by weapon
Move 30 Size: Medium.
Stats S 14 +2 C 17 +3, D 16 +3, I 17 +3, W 12 +1, Ca 11 +0
Saves F+7, R+2, W+2
Letter opener 1d4+1 +5
Sissors 1d3+2 +6
Club 1d6+2 +6
Paper cutter blade 1d8+2 +6
HP 43

Graduate Students: Lost, anything from bemused or scared but OK, to starving and near naked. Despreate for a way out. Most (80%) are male. Once encountered you are their best friend.
G1, ac 11, bab +0 d/a usually none, some may have a small knife.
Move 30 Size: Medium.
Stats S 10 +0, C 12 +1, D 14 +2, I 13 +1, W 12 +1, Ca 15 +2
Saves F+2, R+1, W+1
Knife 1d4 +0
HP: 7

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