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05-19-2009, 05:09 PM
If this winds up in the wrong spot I apologize.

In the Country of Istela there is a vast desert. In the middle of this desert there was discovered to be an inland sea. Eventually the city of Illyria was founded next to the sea. Built upon the backs of slaves the city became trading point between to the two neighboring countries, Disahar and Grein. The city grew and became prosperous but was involved in several wars between the two countries. In order to protect the city the local King had the slaves build a Marble wall around the city the result construction cost many lives and a local Priest horrified by the war and the loss of lives the war and the wall caused brokered a peace treaty and abolished slavery. Hailed as a hero a school was created in the Priest honor. The School of Adamantius. The school quickly became the premier academia. Soon only the most skilled, the brightest, and the wealthiest were accepted into the school.
Centuries have passed and the city and the school have both known peace and prosperity on an unprecedented scale. The city is currently ruled by King Khosrau a old man not the wisest man who has held the crown but just and kind. His only son Prince Khosrau II runs the local guard and relishes in it. The local guard is a small military force but powerful and strong enough that with the great wall protecting the city they can repel most every invasion. Next to the King and the Prince there sits one other figure of power in the city and that is the current headmistress of the School of Adamantius, Octavia Groswel.
It takes six years to graduate the School and in one month the senior class will have their graduation ceremony. It was on this night that an explosion struck the west wing of the school. It was during the night so few died but the explosion caused enough fires to rouse the town. In the resulting chaos three objects were stolen from the school halls. A Sword, a Grail, and ancient scroll. These three items hold little power but represent great monetary and sentimental worth to the school. King Khosrau is sadden by the theft but know that the city does not hold the military power to hunt down this their but his son does not take the news with such grace. Prince Khosrau II sees the attack as a personal affront to the city and school and with the help of the headmistress has decided to commission a small group of students to hunt down and retrieve the objects.

Academia Adamantius is a new ongoing role-playing game designed and created by and for the users of Drunk Duck Web comics. I set up a role-playing group on a different site (drunk duck is a web comic site with tens of thousands of comics and users) and having used your site in the past decided to get them to join it so we could play a game together. This is a basic game and will be set in 3.5 and will stay as close to players hand book as possible, as some people playing the game will be playing for the first time.

Some stats for the game.
Party: 4-6
Starting level: 1
Stats: 4d6 throw away the lowest roll
Alignment: Non evil
Deities: Standard
Classes: Standard
HP: Max HP 1st level + con and roll d 4 for 2nd level
Action Points: Standard

Other things
XP won’t be awarded as group encounters. The players will all be students and with that in mind the xp will be rearward as players study or train. Also if a player uses a certain skill enough times they will receive xp showing the mastery of that skill.
Each Player will provide a back story and each back story will go into fleshing out the world of Adamantius.