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05-13-2009, 10:59 PM
We were interrupted by a pair of the Oath Protectors messengers' summoning us to see Harnet. When we arrived my dutiful little Ely paid homage to Heshtail. I watched the acolytes march in. Women and men seperated, which is all too typical. As if a woman can't stand toe to toe with a man... Anyways...
After a while we were brought to see Harnet and Chobry. Ely inquired about possible locations of his mother. We were briefed on the personal dispostion of the King. During this a scribe rudely barged in, as if we weren't there, and began whispering to Harnet. Naturally I listened to the conversation. It was something about how people would pay for family members to be Acolyte or something, may prove useful.
Chorby wanted us to journey to the north and bring back artifacts to clean up Elder Daven. My loyalties are to Ely, and after Ely agreed I agreed.
Not until it was too late did I realize how we were aquiring supplies for the 5 day trip north was foolish and anouncing our intentions to everyone. I was not suprised we ran into a well equiped man knowing where we were going. Seeing Ely struggling with answers I tried to smooth things over with a simple little lie. I told the man, Keiral, that we were going to Beckenhausen nothing more.
We reached home with no issues. Ely had duties to attend, I was just glad to learn everything was the same. I worry about home when we aren't there. After everything was done and it was decided by the group to allow Keiral to accompany us, this doesn't mean I trust him, we headed north.
I will watch Keiral like a hawk, and the minute he raises a blade to Ely, Keiral will feel my steel.
After leaving Beckenhausen we came across two goblin monks. They charged me and knocked me out before I could make a move. I came to and the fight was all around me. I managed to place a damaging blow to the fiend that attacked me. After more yelling and smashing, smashing, and punching by the men it was done.
We continued on and it grew dark. Once again we blundered and realized it wasn't wise to camp at night, we had to push on. Unfortunatly this would put great strain on the humans in the party. Early in the evening a ghast was quickly taken down by Rana. Hours later I saw two skeletal owlbears and a zombie come from our right. I was able to get a shot off with my bow. Very early on in the fight Walter went down, feared dead. These three we dealt with relativly quickly after that. Not without is taking our share of bangs and bruises.
I think the coming dawn finally did in the non-elven blooded. Some amoung our race would ridicule them for this, but they are not blessed with the magic the Elhil are. They passed out in a field outside a cabin. While scouting out the cabin a vampire appeared before me. Apparently we had stumbled across him feeding ground. Only the three of us we up for the fight at this time. I was sure we were in for it. I was relieved how well we fought this unatural beast. Next thing I knew our sleepy warriors were on their feet and in the battle.
I know how disoriented Ely gets when first getting up and looking back on think it was cute the remark about the fire. Even better was Keiral soon granted that wish. Ely and I decided to search the cabin together. He went to the coffin I went to the chest. No traps were found anywhere so I opened the chest and liberated the contents. We then called upon Heinrich's knowledge to burn the place to the ground. Destroying the what we believe was one more remained Vampire inside. Dawn was now fully here.