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05-13-2009, 02:38 PM
Hi there -- we're looking for players for a new online pbp game. I know this is mostly a pen and paper forum, but figured if anyone knew of friends that wanted to play Vampire: the Requiem and weren't close enough to a TT game, this might be an option. Feel free to pass this on to anyone it might be interested. :) Christiaen

We're beginning a brand new pbp Vampire: the Requiem game "Motor City Burning (http://www.motorcityburning.org)" on May 20th (1 week from today!) and wanted to invite anyone that might be interested... 

Our intention is to make this game a little different from your average online pbp. The more real, gritty, intense and edgy, the better. We've chosen Detroit to set our game in, simply for the raw dysfunction and abandonment elements (and, our apologies to those who live in and love Detroit -- we understand it is a fine city, but not where our Kindred will be dwelling...).

The Storyteller has spent the last couple months developing an amazing story with so many layers, twists and turns, it will keep just about every kind of player thirsting for more. Vignettes will be posted on the site shortly to begin introducing the story for our players. If you're looking for steamy romance, dreamy hook-ups and cyber-sex, we suggest you look at any number of other cool online Requiem games listed on the White Wolf fansite page. Motor City Burning (http://www.motorcityburning.org) probably won't be the right place for you.

The truth is, it won't be for everyone. The chances are if you don't carefully look after your character, you could easily lose your Requiem. There will be betrayal. Kindred will try to stab you in the back to get a head just one step. You might find yourself on the wrong end of a lead pipe just for unknowingly hunting in someone's territory. But don't worry, you'll give as good as you get. You'll have to in order to survive. That's the sort of realism we love -- and if you love it too, this might be a great fit.

Oh, and we're not talking a combat-heavy game. It's intrigue, and it's dangerous, but we're not looking for combat-junkies. We want creative players that have a passion for the true idea of "Vampire" and what it really might take for a predator to survive in a modern city while maintaining a masquerade. And in order to do that, we're going to break down as many rules as we can that have built up around the current onilne chat and pbp games. It's an evolving experiment. Come be a part of it, from the ground floor. We can't wait to meet you and play with you.



Everything you need to know in order to start your character and get it submitted is there, and then a link straight to the forum. Or, just go straight to the forum:

www.motorcityburning.forumotion.net (http://www.motorcityburning.forumotion.net)



Detroit, Motor City. A dysfunctional dystopia where Kindred scrape to find a lick and fight to keep from meeting their final death every night of their Requiems.

Not for the player who is faint of heart; if you thrive on the edge and are dying to indulge in the grittiest game of Vampire you've ever played, then you've stumbled upon the right place. But don't blame us when your ghouls turn on you, your covenant betrays you and no one is who they appear to be.

You're going to want to keep a spare character or two on hand.