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05-13-2009, 02:38 AM
It all started with a stern and angry looking woman, accompanied by a man of utter magnificence, telling me the Priestess was waiting to speak with me. I knew she would most likely address me, but it always makes me nervous when I am called out by someone I do not know. We entered into Elder Daven's House of Reeanan, which I must say was outstanding in its Design and appearance. We were told she would be with us in a while and we could wait inside. I took this opportunity to pray, mostly to thank Reeanan and Heshtail for providing a place as beautiful as this, in a town that seems so troubled. The rest of the time I took to figure out which spells might come in handy on our upcoming travels.

We were then introduced to Priestess Harnet, who welcomed us. I gave her the relics we found, and explained to her the reason as to why we were there. She assured us that these relics would be abolished. She also explained that, in reguards to Ely's mother, that the house of Gruulsh is struggling, and has pretty much rounded up their forces, which could explain why she dissapeared. For a while she whispered to another man who came into the room completely unaware that we were even there until he practically walked into us! After this she left the room for a period. Brillara and Walter had listened to her whisperings, (which I thought was rude, she is after all a priestess) and mentioned a struggle between Commander Chobry and some creatures.

When Priestess Harnet returned to the room she was accompanied by Commander Chobry. They explained to us that they had a desire to clean up the streets of Elder Daven. They sought items and weapons from a castle that was a distance away, but they had neither the man power nor time to spare to get there. Chobry explained his distaste for the current king. He spoke of the king not lifting a finger, unless it was to pat the heads of the wealthy. None of us were very shocked by this, as virtually no one outside of Elder Daven knows anything about him! They then asked us if we could gain these items and weapons for them. I was quite hessitant. I knew it was sort of an order from a ranking member of the house of Reeanan, but I also know that there was an attempt on Ely's life by assassins recently. Which means we are being watched. Openly going on a mission for the church of Reeanan through lands ruled by evil is an incredibly daunting task, and is alot to ask of anyone on the side of good. No one has more to lose or risk than I, as a Cleric of Reeanan. Good clerics are the minority in this world, and the forces of evil do not take well to my existance. Accepting this task was openly showing others that we are affiliated with the Church. I reluctantly accepted though, knowing that I have a group of incredible people around me, and to help the Church with what they deem to be the path of the righteous. Chobry directed two of his men to accompany us on our travel. Cleaning up the streets would create a haven for those on the side of good in the world, who cannot enter the Summervale. I am slightly worried, however, that Commander Chobry might be consumed with ulterior motives...

We accepted and were given information about the upcoming adventure. As we set off on our way, we were approached by a peculiar man in mythril. He said that he had seen us buying supplies and deduced that we were heading north. He asked if he could travel with us, as he was an adventurer seeking excitement and treasure. I secretly pitied this man, knowing that a life such as this, will lead only to short term happiness and will never fulfill the heart. After Ely questioned him and casted a spell of recognition, he deemed that this man named Carol was a man with no evil in his heart. So we then set off out of Elder Daven.

The travel was 5 days each way. During the day we encountered 2 goblins that appeared to share the same technique that Rana has. We all fought hard. The goblins were incredibly tough. I casted a most brilliant spell that turned one of them to dust. After we finished up we collected what they had on them and decided to split it up at a later time being as the roads were unsafe to doddle in. Carol for some reason didnt deem this battle worthy of his effort. We determined after a day of travelling and reaching no town, that we should travel by night, and rest during the day.

I decided to travel alongside Rana as he moved to point. I have recently become good friends with this Elf. He has told me of his mother(who was an amazing Cleric of Ulhil), and he and I share alot of the same philosophies. We first encountered a Ghast. I was most grateful for Rana, as in one solid motion with his quarterstaff he destroyed the foul beast before any of us had a chance to act. In previous travels I have come to blows with these creatures, instead of using my head in battle with spells and strategy. Ghasts are among those whom I have no tolerance for, and my rage comes from a past of their foul meddling...

Later in the night we encountered 2 undead owlbears and another ghast. We fought hard, and nearly lost Walter. Carol suspiciously, sat in the background making virtually no attempts to help the group throughout half of the fight. My rage towards the ghast caused a critical error on my part. I did cast a spell instead of coming to blows, but it healed one of the owlbears. I still need to work on my composure when around Ghasts... Towards the end of the fight Carol sprung into action and struck down one of the weakened owlbears with a magnificent attack.

Shortly after this battle we reached a field. A small cabin was in the middle of the field. We were happy to see this as dawn was soon approaching. I was so incredibly exhausted by 24 hours of straight traveling and fighting that I didn't even make it to the cabin. I passed out right at the beginnings of the field...

When I awoke I noticed Rana, Brillara, and Heinrich fighting this creature by the cabin that was passing in and out of solid state. It took me little time to recognize this creature as a vampire. By the time I made it to the fray however a combo of amazing feats occurred. Carol leaped into action with his magnificent weapon. A rapier which blazed as he swung into the vampire. right at that exact moment, as the vampire caught fire, Rana connected from behind with a powerful attack from his kama. The combo of hits turned the creature to ashe. Most brilliant teamwork by the two.

Ely, Brillara, and Heinrich decided to enter into the cabin to see what was inside. The rest of us waited outside to keep an eye on the two men Chobry had assigned to travel with us, and our horses, which were all fast asleep. After a short while they came out with some items in hand. As they walked towards us in the field, the cabin burst into flames behind them. We all sat in the field and watched the cabin burn to the ground. Occasionally hearing faint cries of anguish over the flames as the sun rose to greet us.