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Large ancient doors stand looming into the darkness of the mineshaft, long ago forgotten even by those that call this stead home. A whistling wind is evidence to the doors being open, but for how long is unknown. The doors themselves are made of stone, hard and uncut as is the arch that supports them. Upon them both are ancient glyphs, Dethek by your torchlight. The script and style are old indeed and its meaning seems lost to the ages.

It seems that it has withstood the perils of time well, obviously meticulously crafted by master masons. As you look over the runes what you do seem to make out is some sort of reference to Netheryl Channel or something similar. One set of runes appear to be much more recent, carved quite some time after the others and although old are more understandable.

"What was once a well spring of trade has become a vein of evil. Cursed is this road. Beware..."

From the other side of the slightly open stone door comes a shriek far into the distance echoing and cloaking its origin, as if in warning. Who had opened these doors and why? Who made this Channel and what purpose did it serve? Why was it forgotten?

He dedicated the site in the lowest levels in memory of the fall warriors and with vengence in mind he dedicated to Moradin a monestary to train Avengers. For 100 years he allowed only those individuals sent to him by Moradin into his service training them as per the visons granted him, after they are fully trained he sent some into the Underdark to wreck vengence upon those that dared defile the great Hold above. He has retained only those that have returned after a period in the Underdark, so that at anytime there is no more than 35 dwarves in residence and none but his followers know of the monestaies existance.

This is of course for when you go to 4e, but I thought you may enjoy it.
Ok, here is how I see it going.

He awakens slowly, pain throbbing through out his body, he vaguely remembers a battle. They were ambushed a short distance from the tunnel exit to Netheril.

Torel Deldar, last of the Clan Hammerswift, a fledgling thief and scout of the Uerythtar Stead. An accounting of his last days as a true member of the Stead.

As he slowly comes around and starts to get his bearings, he realizes that most of his patrol is scattered around him. They have defiled and stripped of all items of any value. He slowly rises and takes stock of his situation, no armor, no weapon, in the Underdark. He starts checking the bodies of his comrades, arraigning them is order to identify and prepare to transport them back. For he knows another patrol will pass and recover them. He finds that 2 are missing, he feels the pull of something away from the stead, to search for his lost comrades. Never a religious type he falters for awhile before deciding to follow the feeling within his being.

He gathers his wits and slowly descends into the depths. After a short time he comes upon Drow Parties trail that seems to have two others with them, he slowly tracks them till he grows weary, searching for and finding a small enclave to hide in he attempts to rest. As he slumbers he dreams of a chamber that has needed supplies within, as he awakens he sees in his mind eye a grand personage holding forth a hammer and pointing in the western direction, back from whence he just came. He rises cold, thirsty and hungry. He ignores the dream intent on finding his comrades. After three days of travel he is lost and having visions, finally he decides to follow the visions as he has given up hope of surviving or finding his comrades. Following the visage of an old dwarf he passes out as they enter a large circular chamber. When he awakes there is an old dwarf seated in front of him holding a small chest, old dwarf tells him "Torel ye must avenge the Stead in the name of Moradin. "How will I do that Ole One?" The old dwarf states " Ye have the desire, heart and faith, now ye must learn the ways, read these scrolls and ye will become the avenging hammer of Moradin. Once ye have learned the ways of the hammer of faith, ye will go forth into the Underdark and slay those that defile our Lords workings." He hands the lad the chest and slowly disappears. He rises and opens the chest, inside is several scrolls, 2 warhammers (one for the alter and one to use) and 4 throwing hammers. No armor is needed for an Avenger of the Hammer, the first scroll says in the opening paragraph. The scrolls show him how he is to fight and how to remodel the chamber for use as a monastery for Moradin. After he sets up the alter and starts learning that first day he finds food upon the alter.

Torel studies for almost 2 years before he makes his first jaunt into the Underdark, when he exits the secret chamber he finds he just outside of the tunnel doors leading to Netheril and that as moves from the opening he can not see it unless he is standing next to it.

After several years of making jaunts into the Underdark he returns one day to the monastery and there is a young dwarf awaiting for him. "How did ye come to be here?" asks Torel. "Moradin has sent me to be trained by ye" the young dwarf says. It is rumored in the Stead of an avenging hammer of Moradin, several Drow and derro captives have spoken of the ghost warrior that attacks them sometimes. "Last night as I slept, Moradin called me to his service, showing me how to get here and not to tell anyone what I was doing."

This is the original "Avenger of Moradin" having trained the first of his charges he is preparing to go back into the Underdark in service to his liege. Look for more adventures in the Underdark soon.

Torel Deldar of Clan Swifthammer, level 5
Dwarf, Avenger
Build: Pursuing Avenger
Avenger's Censure: Censure of Retribution
Background: Gray Vale
Str 12, Con 14, Dex 17, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 8.
Str 12, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 12, Wis 15, Cha 8.

AC: 20 Fort: 15 Reflex: 16 Will: 17
HP: 52 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 13
Religion +8, Stealth +10, Perception +13, Endurance +11
Acrobatics +5, Arcana +3, Bluff +1, Diplomacy +1, Dungeoneering +8, Heal +6, History +3, Insight +6, Intimidate +1, Nature +6, Streetwise +1, Thievery +5, Athletics +3
Level 1: Improved Armor of Faith
Level 2: Dwarven Weapon Training
Level 4: Alertness
Avenger at-will 1: Bond of Retribution
Avenger at-will 1: Overwhelming Strike
Avenger encounter 1: Pass at Arms
Avenger daily 1: Aspect of Might
Avenger utility 2: Far Sight
Avenger encounter 3: Fury's Advance
Avenger daily 5: Oath of Righteous Fury
Bloodthread Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) +1, Adventurer's Kit, Holy Symbol, Rousing Hammer Warhammer +2, Adamantine Throwing hammer +2 (2), Climber's Kit

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
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Loving the Underdark theme. Let me encourage you to keep going with this.

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One Month Earlier:
Moradin senses mischief from the spider wench once again, as he focuses down he sees that his chosen Avenger is still patrolling the Underdark and making it rough on the Drow patrols. "Mmmm, I feel he needs some assistance." He refocuses upon his favored Stead and sees that it is doing well coming back into the fold with the rest of Toril. He looks into his clergy and finds a young dwarf, he knows that the foundling has had a shady past but has done well as an acolyte, "Young Thoriken will do nicely". He sends a vision to Balabault Tethgard the high priest and the leather armorer so that they can prepare for the loss of the foundling.
That Morning:
Thoriken sat bolt upright knowing, with out quite knowing why, that his life had just changed. He had to see the priest, "But what do I say? I am not allowed to explain, mmm" he wonders. As he is getting dressed the Senior Acolyte enters his cell "Ye are to report to the High Priest as soon as ye are dressed" the acolyte says, Thoriken stares at him, "Don't just gawk foundling, MOVE!" hisses the acolyte "Ye can not make him wait for ye!".
Thoriken, stunned, hurriedly dresses and heads out to the High Priest's office. As he arrives he sees one of the senior Priests and stops, "Don't just stand there foundling enter" says the priest "I will tell him ye are here." Thoriken enters the outer office and stands near the door, not sure if should sit or run.
"Go on in" the priest says as he exits the office of the High Priest. Thoriken swallows hard and wonders what he has done, now that the dream and the reality are starting to merge. He enters the High Priest's office slowly, moving up to the desk, "I know not what you've done or where you are going, but our liege Lord Moradin has made it known to me that I am not to interfere, now go...."
There is a knock on the door and the senior Priest sticks his head in "M'Lord I am sorry to disturb you, but there is a package just arrived for the foundling M'Lord."
"Well bring it in, now foundling as I was saying, in whatever it is the liege Lord has you do I trust, no, I expect you to hold yourself to highest standards that we have taught you and do not bring any disgrace upon us. Do I make myself clear foundling?" The High Priest replies.
"Yes your imminence I fully understand." Thoriken manages to say
"Good, now what in thunder is that package?"
Thoriken shakily opens it and finds "It is a set of Leathers, embossed with a strange looking hammer, Sir" For upon the front of the armor is a hammer of Moradin being grasped by a hand, as if the hand were swinging the hammer.
The High Priest says nothing, shaking his head, he just motions for Thoriken to leave.
Heading back to his cell the Senior Acolyte tells him he has 10 minutes to pack up and leave. Thoriken wonders why me, as he packs and heads out to the lower levels, looking for something he is not sure he wants to find, but his faith in Moradin helps him along..............

05-27-2009, 07:06 PM
Your exit is quiet and although you can see some familiar faces, they seem to avoid your presence. Perhaps it is fear or disdain, you seem unaware of whatever is affecting those whom you have grown to know well over your time. As you reach the exit to your orders inner sanctum, the halls seem more ominous and aware. Your silent steps seeming to echo in the hall, though you guess it is more attributed to your own anxiety and not anything else. The darkness slowly begins to shift in your vision. The heat signatures coalescing from the stone and the soft distant winds from the bellows of Toril washing around you.

Your path is well known to you, having tread it many a time. This world is your calling, its denizens your purpose. As you approach the gargantuan doors leading into the ancient dwarven tunnel, a cold and unaccustomed wind blows across your face. What challenges lie ahead seems uncertain and only your faith seems to hold you fast.

The tunnel lies silent as you enter. You have explored some amount, though the others within your order have journeyed through much more of it. You are keenly aware of the dangers that lie behind every turn, each just as deadly for those unaware. This road was abandoned for a reason and precaution for a solitary dwarf can not be exaggerated.

As you are standing at this crossroad, pondering your direction you begin to hear a distant ring, as if the ringing of steel. It seems to be calling you toward the left. The colder wind coming from your right...

05-28-2009, 01:41 PM
Thoriken, paused listening intently to all around him, hearing the faint sounds of battle to his left he turns and heads in that direction. Hoping he will not find find any dead breathren, slowly moving into the shadows, .Windstar rolls some dice he hugs the cavern walls and pause frequently to listen to sounds of the underdark .Windstar rolls some dice as taught him by his tutor.


05-28-2009, 06:20 PM
You slip into the unseen recesses of the great tunnel, feeling a bit more comfortable with something at your back. The great tunnel seems lifeless to your eyes, yet you can easily sense the great prowess and magnificence that built it. These were masters of their time and although a bit ancient it still captures your breath as its seamless bricks and arches ebb and flow into one another. Not many of the dwarven nations of today could have done something so grand. You have heard the whispers amongst the elders of Delzoun and your own ancestors. Perhaps they stood here at one time as builders, it must have been quite a bit different for certain.

The silence between the softer pings of metal is solace to you. Those of your order having found peace in that which would drive many within your stead mad indeed. As you slowly listen to the sounds about you the ringing grows faint, as if continuing further toward the left. No one other then your order ever seek out this place, nor into its depths. Whomever or whatever it is certainly is not under their direction. It appears to be very long between the emanations, perhaps many minutes at least. It grows distant in the cold breeze toward your right. From its direction only a faint whisper of the wind in the caverns can be heard.

05-28-2009, 09:33 PM
Moving cautiously down the long corridors hugging one wall, moving just fast enough to keep the ringing in earshot, Young Thoriken draws boths both throwing hammers. Constantly checking the way ahead for traps and still paying attention to his backtrail, he knows how easy it is to get misplaced here.


05-29-2009, 04:57 PM
The distant ringing looms just on the periphery of your hearing, had you not learned to train yours it would certainly be lost. Your hammers drawn, you slowly begin making your way down the darkened tunnel while navigating its many obstacles. Though a bit more slower then a walk, your measured steps and sweeping of the hammer just might save you in the event of wandering into some unseen trap. The ringing does seem to grow louder as you approach, though it still lies quite some distance. You have long ago learned that sounds can be very deceptive in the dark of the caverns.

After what seems like hours, you stop to gauge your progress. You are some distance from your entry and although you feel confidant you might be able to retrace your steps, you begin to ponder your best course of action. In many ways sound and time vanish in the depths of the world. You are left only with dark and echoes from the deep...

05-30-2009, 06:36 PM
While resting for a few Thoriken takes a small drink of water and looks around the general area, locking the impressions into memory.

After a brief rest I continue down the corridor staying close to one wall and checking for traps/trips, consistantly moving towards the sounds of battle, trying to postion myself for an ambush with hammers at the ready, should the battle invole any other than my fellow brethern.


05-30-2009, 09:42 PM
The hall is vast and very large, most of your order having investigated many of the cracks and fissures that seem to inundate it. As to where it leads and where it began had been nothing more then conjecture, some mentioning Delzoun, Netheril, Shanatar, and even Ascalhorn. Without any more information it was nearly impossible to surmise, other then the consensus that it was indeed ancient and built by dwarves.

Surveying the area near you it seems strewn with some debris, various bricks and discarded broken equipment that lie strewn about the passageway. Though the hall nearest to the stead has been cleared, it would appear that your trek has taken you farther then you originally thought. You had passed a few fissures and cracks, though as to whether they actually connect to anything is not really known. This tunnel is long indeed and some have surmised it could run well to the Spine of the World and well past Aunaroch in the other direction. The fissures and crevices that seem to populate it from years of seismic activity have opened it to other darker creatures that generally dwell far into Toril's interior.

The ringing does seem to be colser as you begin anew, though after what seems about ten minutes you find yourself at a large crevice, the sound eminating from within. As you stand there hearing the noise you are reminded of the sound of forging, the smell of a smithy strong in your nostrils.

As you step closer a sound from beyond you in the tunnel silences the hammering. Something is in the tunnel you were just in and had you not stepped quickly into this crevice, would have easily seen you...

06-01-2009, 01:22 PM
As Young Thoriken hugs the crevice wall, he slowly peers into the tunnel he just vacated, keeping his movements to a minimum trying to assume a placement of advantage with out leaving the confines of the crevice.


06-01-2009, 08:24 PM
Your eyes begin to pick up some slight and small heat signatures, small and moving quite quickly. The hover off the ground just above the level of your head. There are two of them and they are about the size of your fist. They flitter through the hall, seeming oblivious to your presence.

The slight tapping begins anew, seeming to come from behind you further into the fissure. At this the creatures seem to hold and begin weaving their way back toward you.

06-01-2009, 08:42 PM
Thoriken presses flat against the fissure wall, keeping the creatures in my his peripheral vision, but not looking directly at them.


06-02-2009, 11:25 PM
It appears as though they sense your presence, but how seems uncertain. They start zipping about in flight as if agitated or perhaps trying to discern exactly where you are located. You can see them much better now. They are far warmer then you originally had thought and even with your limited infravision you can see they possess long bills, far longer then any birds and very different then what you might expect from a bat.

One glides quickly through the air in front of you, buzzing as its wings carry it further down the fissure. The other seems hesitant, waiting at the opening as if sensing something is amiss. It is literally just feet from you hovering about level with your head.

06-03-2009, 05:53 AM
Patiently, waiting Thoriken grips his hammers tightly waiting to see if the bird thing does anything hostile.


06-03-2009, 08:08 AM
The creature seems to hover for a moment before darting straight toward you, its sharp beak leading its path. Quickly moving to the side, you notice it seems unaware of your last movement. It slams into the wall with a dull sound and proceeds to fall to the ground (1 on a D20), where it looks either dead or stunned, though you are uncertain as to which.

You are able to see the creature more clearly. It has 4 pincer like legs, a long sharpened beak that reminds you of a proboscis, a wingspan of two to three hands with bat like wings and a small furry body. Until you have some light you are unable to determine its color, but you are certain it meant you no good.

Looking about you can not see its companion, but the slight tapping sound is also absent.

06-03-2009, 08:47 AM
Thoriken, quickly coup de grau's the creature. He cautiously looks in the corridor for a place to hide the body, then looks down into the crevice. Staying close to the crevice wall he tries to determine if there is a safe, quiet way towards the sounds.


06-03-2009, 03:38 PM
The question of whether the creature was still alive or simply unconscious is quickly made moot as your hammer falls upon its comatose body. Raising your hammer from its fell strike you can see it ablaze with heat, the warm blood shifting in hue quickly as it cools. The body is small, perhaps a few pounds and is easily hidden in the rubble that is scattered throughout the hall.

The fissure appears to have been formed from some seismic activity, but gauging from the acrid smell of bat guano it has been here for quite some time and must at some point connect to the upper realms. The way is tight and there is no cleared path though it does appear passable, given enough time and patience that is.

Looking toward the depths you can still see no light, so it is either night on the surface or it is still quite some distance.

The metallic ringing can no longer be heard after your encounter with these strange flying creatures.

06-03-2009, 10:55 PM
After searching th crevice, Thoriken determines the basic location of the fissure in conjunction relative to the realms above. He moves off in the general direction to the nearest known easy access to the outside, staying to the shadows and moving cautiously hammers at the ready.

OOC: Just so you know, when making an attack he will throw both hammers then draw "Moradins Battle-maul". The first attack will always be made from as from advantageous position as possible. Except when noted.


06-04-2009, 07:29 PM
Climbing and crawling over rough stone for about an hour, you finally notice the slight illuminating rays of light. It appears weak, as if the sun were setting or perhaps rising. You seem a bit uncertain, after going years without so much as looking upon it. The rays cascade through the rough cavern walls, bathing it in radiance.

As you are allowing your eyes to adjust, a glint of metal draws your immediate attention. From this distance what appears to be a tall and thin humanoid lays unmoving in the distance. Gauging from its current position you would surmise that a bad step lead to a nearly forty foot drop. The metal you noticed was a sword that must have been dislodged in the fall.

The only sound you hear is the slow drip of water upon the cavern floor, echoing onto the exposed sword.

06-05-2009, 12:31 AM
After allowing his eyes to adjust, Thoriken moves slowly up to the bodym. Wearily watching in all diections, he searches the body. He then moves back into the caverns underdark entrance to contimplate what he has found.


06-05-2009, 06:56 AM
As you approach the body, it appears quite strange to you. Very lanky and what some might say malfigured. It seems too long and very tall, but having never seen most other humanoids its only likely that one would feel them strange, at least upon first sight.

It appears to be a male, the chiseled look, dark beard, and manner of dress suggesting it the case. He looks swarthy, his hair naturally curly, falls in locks that seem matted with dried and caked blood. He wears dark leather and chain armor, a bag of what looks like gear has broken and its contents lie scattered about the rocks. From this point, his broken leg is quite apparent and looks as if it were quite painful for some time.

A slight movement draws your immediate attention, your weapons flashing immediately to attention. A small brown furry creature with wings resembling the one in the tunnel appears to be attached to his neck, its long proboscis plunged into it. At that moment you see a slight shift of the man's lungs, faint and weak it appears this man is alive though for how much longer you can only guess.

06-05-2009, 03:35 PM
Thoriken imeditely attacks the creature in an attempt to save the humanoid, using his hammers in a scythe like fashion.


06-06-2009, 02:01 PM
With a quick swipe of the hammer, being careful of the humanoid it is attached to, Thoriken hits the creature with enough force to send it into the nearest wall. (13 on a D20) (4 on a D4). The creature slams into the wall due to the strength of the blow, its bloated body bursting upon impact with the jagged rock face.

Looking down at the humanoid, blood is now flowing quite freely from the site that the creature was attached. His life slowly draining upon the cold stone floor of the cavern.

06-06-2009, 03:03 PM
Thoriken casts cure light wounds and does what he can to save the miserable human. After completing the healing that he can do, he then finds an out of sight place to hide him and the human.


06-06-2009, 10:30 PM
Calling upon the power of Moradin to reforge this man's flesh anew, you can feel the heat under your hands as the all father's power and divine grace grant your request. There seems to be a lingering smell of the forge faint upon the man. (5 on a D8)

He seems to retreat back initially from your touch, the healing arts being somewhat painful as the flesh is moved together. Once the prayer is intoned and the power evoked, he falls deeper into sleep and unconsciousness. Looking him over again, you can still see very grievous wounds, but they appear to not be life threatening.

You think that moving him could be possible, but difficult and might aggravate his condition. As you are inspecting his head for any further wounds something does strike your attention immediately. He has sharply pointed ears and what looks like some dye upon his skin that does not rub off. It appears to be some strange design, its meaning unknown to you. It looks vaguely like an overly fat piton, but that is about where the similarity stop.

His belongings are scattered about on the rocks, some having survived, while others appear to have not been so well crafted. The glittering sunlight dappling the cavern being quite brighter then you remembered.

06-06-2009, 11:15 PM
Thoriken, not really worried if it pains the stranger so long as it does not kill him, moves him to a safer loction away from possible prying eyes.

He thoroughly searches thru the strangers possibles and tries to ensure that the stranger has no weapons available at hand while Thoriken searches the area. When satisfied he sets a watch and waits.


06-07-2009, 05:04 PM
Looking the man over you can see he is wearing some type of studded leather, a deep gray cloak that is very filthy and what looks like winter boots. A long sword lies just out of his reach, the craftsmanship appearing alright, certainly not by dwarven hands. A bowstring lies across his chest, but you can easily see that the bow itself is shattered underneath his weight and the fall. A quiver lies under his left side with about a dozen arrows sticking out. You can not fully see the other end, but they might have been shattered as well as they do not slide easily out feeling like they are pinned. A beltpouch is still on his belt and appears to be oozing some foul reddish liquid.

A backpack and its scattered contents lie strewn about the rocks. The gear seems to have fallen out before it fell down here though. Searching a bit finds fifty feet of thin hemp rope, six pitons, a tinderbox with flint and steel, a ripped winter blanket, an empty wineskin with a large puncture, some various hard tack that seems to have been exposed to air, a shattered compass, a large spear, and two pitch soaked unlit torches wrapped in cloth.

06-07-2009, 06:05 PM
Thinking of his find, he secures the strangers hands behind his back and arranges the stranger in a somewhat comfortable position. As he waits he organizes the strangers things and puts the useful items into a neat pile, out of the strangers reach. He then eats a bit and drinks some of his water, continues to be ever watchful.

06-07-2009, 09:01 PM
The sun has nearly fallen before the man begins to become aware, his breathing shifting as he slowly regains consciousness and finds himself tied up. His eyes ever so slightly cracking as he takes in his surroundings. His right eye appears red, perhaps with blood from an unobserved wound.

In a very parched voice, cracking ever so slightly, "Water please..." as his eyes fall upon you. You are almost doubtful that he can even see out of his bloody left eye.

"Where am I?..." as he tries to orient himself, being a bit confused.

His dialect is odd, more similar to the Adbarran usage then the dialect spoken by the true Uerythtarans. You can certainly understand him, but some of his inflection is odd and seems to be off.

He attempts to situate himself, but the bindings are tight and in his current state just manages to fall over.

06-10-2009, 08:54 AM
Thoriken looks suspiciously at the bound man and in a gruff voice asks, “Stranger, ye might not want to screw around too much” as the mans feeble attempts at righting himself fail utterly. “Ye are hurt already,” almost as an afterthought, knowing he was lucky enough to be alive especially given his fairly numerous wounds.

"Where am I, I don't remember much..." replies the man after he rights himself.

“Ye be in the Underdark” replies the dwarf in a matter of fact tone.

"I remember falling, I must have taken a bad step..." as if the memory is vague and broken.

“And ye was hurt, I healed ye only so as I could get a few answers. Had a nasty bird suckin ye dry, I took it out also,” as he continued to stare at the man with suspicious eyes, expecting him to reveal his true nature in moments.

“What do you wish to know?” as the man has resigned himself to the fact that he will never get free unless he answers his captor.

“So who are ye to be invadin my area and what are ye?”

"I'm a simple hunter on the peaks, tracking some elk when I was startled by some Orcs. They were about me before I could hide well enough so I began running. I must have not been looking where I was going."

“How come ye smell of de forge then?”

"I am human... at least that’s what I acknowledge."

“Why are ye ears lookin strange? What settlement ye from?”

"A curse from my father’s ilk, nothing I am proud of... and for me smelling of the forge I have no idea. I have never even been near a forge. I trade in Loudwater, Llorrk, and Orlbar. Wherever I am near when I collect enough pelts and goods to trade. Am I still within the Greypeaks?"

“Well as ye can see with ye eyes I am a dwarf and I know what a forge smell is, if ye going to lie it had better be better, I have no use for liars and yay ye are still within the peaks.”

“I have truly no idea what you are talking about. I am a hunter, where would I be near a forge in 20 miles? I have no desire to tell you anything untrue, but I have no idea what you mean. I promise."

Young Thoriken has a sudden revelation, Moradin brought him to this stranger, now if he could figure out why.

“Orcs huh, did you see what tribe?”

"No, I realized I was surrounded and behind their lines, so I tried to make a break through a ravine"

“Can I have ye word you won't try anything? I'll loosen ye ropes and feed ye some rations.”

"On my honor, you have nothing to fear from me, I swear it."

“Behind their lines, grrr, sounds like an army, how many ye see?”

“There were at least a few score, maybe 20, but I could sense quite a bit more.”

Thoriken ensures that he is between the man and any weapons, and then loosens the bindings. “Well here is some food, if ye need more rest before we start out get it now.”

He nods in thanks, taking some water and eating some rations while he continues the conversation. "I think my leg is broke. I can't move it."

“Ye need to report to Illethkeep.”

“Where is that? Loudwater is the closest place to here.”

“Nay, stranger it is the out post for my stead and I ain't takin ye to the stead proper.”

“I have seen no signs of a stead anywhere in these peaks...”

“Ye don't look so good do ye? Been here for eons.”

“I thought them lost to the lich lords...I guess I never thought anyone was here, so I never looked for the signs.”

“I can set ye leg and heal ye some more in a bit, if ye let me. Liche lords don't hold a miners waste here.”

“I would appreciate whatever you could do. I doubt I would make it far as I am. Wow, that’s why there are no humans in these peaks, they fall under their spell and disappear.”

Thoriken sets the strangers leg, and then prays to Moradin to set watch over them as they rest and relaxes as a noble wyvern appears to his senses just at the outskirts of the camp.

“I have some of my fathers cursed elven blood and it seems to not affect me.”

“Now I need some time to rest, ye better also. My Lords watch will alert us if needed.”

“I appreciate your kind assistance. I would feel better knowing I have some Friends in this area. It’s a bit barren and Friends here are few and far between.”

“What be ye name? Stranger, I am Thoriken, Moradin's Avenger, and I'll let ya know when to consider me a friend, till then....”

“I am Galas of the Vale, hunter amongst the peaks.”

“Well met Galas, but I warn ye now, I will have vengeance if ye give me a reason.”

“Well met indeed, goodly Thoriken and I shall heed your warning well. I have seen what the stout folk are capable of and need no lesson," with a smile.

“Well I need some time to me self.”

"Yes my body still seems to need the same" He seems a bit unsteady, but he can walk, “I thank you Thoriken, you are a good soul to help one such as me, and many would not have done what you have.”

“Ye can't learn anything for a corpse Galas, don't be too pleased yet"

“I'll remember that and try to avoid any more holes in the future.”

“Ye still have to do some explaining to the Capt o Guards at Illethkeep and that may not go over so well as strangers are not looked upon favorably around here.”

06-13-2009, 11:58 PM
"Prepare ye self Galas, this will not be as easy getting out as it was for you dropping in as ye did"

Thoriken moves slowly around the bottom of the fissure assaying the rise of the walls contemplating where to make the climb. After several minutes of study he slowly starts climbing the fissures face placing pitons into it as needed and tying off the rope so that Galas will be able to follow.

They emerge into the soft mountain morning with the rising sun seemingly caught by the mountain tops to the east encircled by a halo of clouds. Thoriken has to pause for a few to gather his wits after so long a period in the tight underdark passages he wanders protecting and avenging his beloved stead. Shortly, he turns to the southwest and slowly, cautiously he makes his way toward Illethkeep with Galas in tow.

06-17-2009, 09:10 AM
In a smiling manner, "I can honestly tell you that I never expected to find anyone in these mounts. I had heard rumors the stout folk once dwelt here, a handful of kingdoms, if my memory serves. Have you ever heard of Klangendsturm?" as he seemingly trips over the word.

The peaks are never what one might call forgiving, any misstep might quickly plunge oneself from a precipice or down a boulder strewn gorge. The view is breathtaking indeed, should one find it as such. There is a sense that one is quite alone here, as if they were the first to see this place.

As the time grows eventually Thoriken knows that just one last turn of the peak should bring Illethkeep into view in all its magnificence.

06-17-2009, 07:31 PM
Cautionly approaching the summit Thoriken turns to Galas "We will take a break once we top the summit and can see Illthkeep, and head down down in the morning"

06-22-2009, 08:08 PM
Thoriken and Galas move thru the rugged mountain landscape, working harder at not being seen than at climbing. Hearing the sounds of a brook, Thoriken turns slightly downhill in order to stay upwind of the rumbling brook, signaling to Galas that they would take a break there. Slowly approaching the brook, Thoriken carefully listens to the sounds of the open world, so much different than the sounds of the underdark, crickets, birds, frogs and many other sounds he had forgotten since his last trip to the surface. As he and Galas approach the brook, Galas signals to him to stop.

"Master Dwarf, there is someone upstream from us" he whispers slowly into Thorikens ear.
"Are ye sure?" Thorikens queries.
"Yea, I am positive, there is too much cloudiness in the water"
"Follow me, and be as quiet as your huge feet can be"

They slowly work their way upstream till they see a small clearing and pause, in the clearing is a solitary Dwarven muleskinner, building a cairn out of rocks from the brook.

Thoriken signals Galas to stay and boldly steps out in to the view of the other dwarf.

"Hail Asbjørn, I am Thoriken the Avenger of Moradin, though you may if ye be sober enough, remember me as the acolyte of Moradin that had to patch ye up after a fight or three. well it may have been more, got outa hand at the "Broken Barrel" Thoriken Atticahammer." He boldly but quietly states to Asbjørn.

07-29-2009, 08:39 PM
The dirty and disheveled dwarf turned about looking a bit bewildered and surprised. He did not draw any weapons even though they lay within easy reach. A serene calm surrounded the cairn and you could clearly see a crude hammer at its zenith.

"Are ye a sign?" in a whispered and reverent tone.

Seeming to shake his head, he replies again more clearly, "I remember ye, but I fear me memory is a bit hazy in spots. What are ye about in dese peaks, other then us skinners ain't none that wander here..." With a look that suggests he is either having delusions or something quite strange is afoot to have encountered anything in this area, much less a dwarf.

07-30-2009, 10:09 AM
Well me spirit loving friend I have dire news, the hold area is a wash with grubby Orcs, I have a human ranger with me that I resuced from some stirges. He says there are lots of the pesky things moving around the mountains in groups. We need to get him to the Keep so as he can make a report, will ye help us?

07-30-2009, 04:37 PM
"Where?" as he makes a quick grab for his wooden club. He begins to start looking about the area with a new sense of purpose. He had seen many things up in the mountains, but had only heard of armies of orcs in legend. Just one or two were tough enough and thinking about an army sent shivers down his spine.

"Human? Never seen one o' them fore. You sure 'bout taking him to Illethkeep? You know any of the folk there? They can be a might touchy when it comes to approaching them, 'specially from the outside..." as he looks somewhat uncertain how to proceed.

With a deep breath out, he seems to have made up his mind and adds, "I know a few. They might listen ta me iff'n I approach em right. So where in the hells are ye keeping this here man fella at?"

"And what' a ranger?"

07-30-2009, 07:36 PM
"Galas! ye listenin big foot" Thoriken calls, "it is a friend and he would like ta meet ye"

Thoriken awaits at the edge moving forward just enough to let Galas get out of the brush.

"This my fellow is a Human Ranger,by the name of Galas, they are the folk who hunt for the local villagers an protext the forests, I have been told, and this one fell into my realm in the underdark aways from the hold. I figured it would be faster to come above and cut across to the Keep" Thoriken explained.

07-30-2009, 08:56 PM
From behind some cover steps the lithe man, still a bit dirty and disheveled from the fall. He starts forward hesitantly having only heard pieces of the conversation.

"Well met, my name is Galas," as he approaches the pair.

Asbjørn looks at the man in wonder, having never seen anyone as tall. "What is it you speak to it?" in the dwarven tongue. "I think its sick, it has no meat on its bones..." in a somewhat disgusted manner. He had never heard such talk in his life. Occasionally some of the skinners might speak in that grunting sound they called Goblin, but he had never had the desire to learn it. Now he began to think that that might have been something he would regret.

07-31-2009, 07:51 AM
"My fellow dwarf it is the trade language, ye don't know it? And as I told ye he is human, big feet and gangly body, he is also a little rough around the edges from his fallin into the chasm, but he will not hurt ye"

Thoriken looks around the open glade, "Are ye finished here? It is a fitting tribute to Our Father ye have constructed here Asbjørn , I am sure he is extremely proud of ye, I can feel his power flowing on the air currents. But, we need to move, if what our tall and ugly friend here is tellin us is true then we need ta hurry along."

07-31-2009, 07:53 PM
"Aye, you are right on movin'," as he begins walking the same way you were originally headed. He wears little more then furs and most of his gear appears to be hand made and somewhat shabby.

"Trade? No one in the stead speaks that bird talk..." in a mutter as he leads the way. "Hope we run into a few o' them orcs though, I hear they got's green skin and are twenty feet tall if an inch. I bet a green leather cloak would get me some good trade..." as he trails off in thought.

"What is he saying?" says Galas whom is trying to keep up with you, but occasionally stumbling in the dark.

08-02-2009, 10:15 AM
Thoiken falls easily inline behind surly dwarf trying to listen to the sounds around them, both him and the gangly human, finally exasperated he turns to Galas, "Hush, if he says something important I'll tell ye! First we gotta live long enough to get to the Keep, right now we need quiet!"

Thinking to himself, one lost, battered and hurt human and a usually drunk dwarven muleskinner that may have found hisself finally, what has me lord Moradin gotten me into.......

08-04-2009, 08:56 PM
The muleskinner leads you about, taking some paths that seen clearly marked whilst others have no resemblance to anything traveled in centuries. Over boulders and around bracken, across streams and amid huge stones.

"Me own fav'rite spiot to see da keep. It'll shake ya to da core,"* in anticipation of the view. Just after a few more high stones the path turns down, but the mountainside comes into sight. The doors that mark the keep stand agape, while battle towers and sentry paths high on both sides teem with dwarves in regiment. From this distance you can hear the slight sound of dwarven voices being carried on the winds. Very few have ever beheld the magnificents of the entrance to Uerythtar and you stand in awe.

"How did I ever miss this..." says Galas in a bewildered voice. "I really had no idea anyone lived in these mounts."

"What the hell is he on about?"* assuming the human is speaking ill about his beloved keep.

(*- Dwarven)

08-08-2009, 08:01 AM
Having spent most of his years in the underdark thoriken finds the scene extremely breath taking and and has to gather his thoughts before he recognizes the tone in hie fellows voice.

"Hold Asbjørn, he is as spellbound by the wonder as ye were the first time ye seen this sight"*

"Galas, so ye really didn't know of this vale, well I am not surprized, most of ye big folk be too high & mighty most times to see all the beauty that lays around ye's"

(* = Dwarven)

08-19-2009, 07:38 PM
The dwarf smiles back with a grin as if in understanding. He appears dirty and unkempt, quite different then what you might assume for his clan and rank. He had a promising career and wife at one time, but you had heard that he had fallen upon ill times and that he had lost much of his namesake in the aftermath. It was after this that much of the drinking and isolation had taken him into the skinners ranks, further distancing him from the stead and those around him.

Galas just shrugs in disbelief that he had not been aware of such a sight within the peaks. He had long traveled the area, but they always held wonder and mystery beyond every spire. There were tales of lich Lords, dwarven kingdoms of gold, and lairs of great wyrms within the peaks to name but a few. He had never seen many of those, but now he began to think about what else may lie hidden beneath the cold and impregnable mounts that lay so far from the hand of civilization.

"I can not even begin to tell you what I think, I can only say that I believed you mad...." as if still enraptured by the sight. "I have seen few that ever move amongst these peaks and assumed them uninhabited by any peoples. Your people must be made of stone to have survived here for so long undetected," trying to give a compliment, but not certain if it came out correctly.

08-29-2009, 04:07 PM
Thoriken gahters his wits, "Well me fine gents, we need to move along or we'll never likely get there"

He moves on with the two of them behind him, casreful to keep the pace slow enough for Galas to keep up, but fast enough to make it to the keep before ight fall.

08-29-2009, 06:58 PM
Galas is finally shaken from his musing and laughs a bit. He follows the pair of dwarves down into the vale as they pick a path from between the boulders and stones. There is only a few ways to the stead itself and this path has long been unused.

The trek down the mountainside takes some time and after a few hours you finally begin to feel as if you are making some progress. Everyone's demeanor begins to improve and you can feel the anxiety of reaching the stead increase.

Just as you turn another corner you hear the distinctive twang of a crossbow and directly in front of you clatters a bolt amongst the stone.

"Who be ye?" screams a deep dwarven voice from quite some distance.

08-30-2009, 04:19 PM
Standing quite still, moving slowly Thoriken draws his waterskin and takes a deep draw.
"Hail and Well met brother" he calls in dwarven "I am Thoriken Avenger of Moradin, my dwarven friend here is Asbjørn a muleskinner for the hold and the tall lanky thing is Galas, he is the reason for our visit. I found him 1/2 dead from a fight with Orcs, says there is an army of them coming into the holds lands. Need to see the Keeps Commander, may we speak with the Capt o'da Guard"

08-31-2009, 09:13 PM
Stepping out a bit from behind a boulder some ways away, an armored dwarf holding a crossbow yells, "Orcs? I canna hear a werd yer sayin..."

He shakes his head and waves you forward, although he still has his crossbow at the ready should the tall one try anything.

Asbjørn just mutters something under his breath about this dwarf's hearing that is not very kindly. "May as well go on, we ain't never gonna get no where with him, he's deaf," as he marches forward with a determined look.

"Is he going to shoot me?" asks Galas as he holds his hands up to indicate he is unarmed. He wonders if its a universal sign, if not he could be in some real trouble.

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
08-31-2009, 09:20 PM
I'm loving this thread. Its probably my favorite on this site. Keep up the good work everyone.

09-01-2009, 06:40 AM
Thoriken shakes he head, turns to the tall human, "Galas if he were gonna shoot ye, ye'd be a pin cushion a-ready, just cause he's deaf don't mean he's blind. They are just a cautious lot, even in the best of times and now the times are far from the best, too much skulldredgery going on. Now come along like a good kid and behave." In Dwarven, "Moradins Arse, how did we get saddled doin this Asbjørn, who in His name did we piss on? Can ye tell me that?"

Thoriken begins wondering when he will see his beloved tunnels again, he is missing the confines, the rock hewn tunnels and the darkness. "How these folk manage to stay up here is beyond me understandin" he thinks to himself, "way too much open not enough rock and Mordins Arse the light! Thoriken me boyo ye need to get back where ye belong quick, theres tunnels to patrol, caverns to scout and drows ta kill"

09-01-2009, 08:56 PM
Asbjørn laughs mildly as he hears you, "Well I wez enjoyin this wonderful evenin till someone came and pulled me from it. I don't mind though, I'da be havin a worse night wit dem orcs if ya hadn't a stumbled across me,"* as he looks back with a grin.

Galas seems a good bit confused by all he is taking in and just continues to follow along with his hands raised. He had never spent much time around any dwarf, much less a city of them, so he can only follow along and hope for the best.

It takes about ten minutes to reach the crossbowman and as you approach he continues to shake his head in disbelief. The muleskinner makes sense, but the other two are not at all what he expected to see. He had heard Thoriken mention orcs or was that torques. He must have garbled it up, because everyone knew what sharp hearing he had. As you near him he laughs a bit.

"I think da valley's echo must o' played tricks on me ears. What was it you were a bellerin and who's this tall one? Looks a might bit sick fer a young giant...."* as he eyes the strange sharp eared gangly humanoid.

* - Dwarven

09-02-2009, 09:36 AM
Thoriken stops abruptly at the dwarf's words, giving an unamused eye at Asbjørn wondering if he too is feeling as spiteful as he towards the aged deaf guard, carefully keeping his tone as civil as possible, *in Dwarven "Well clans man, I was saying that I am Thoriken, Avenger of Moradin, the clans man with me is Asbjørn, Muleskinner for the Hold and the tall one is Galas, whom I found 1/2 dead from an Orc attack, he says there is an Orc Army invading the lands of our hold. I brought him to see the Keep Commander and report the incident. Now if ye would be so kindly and call for the Captain o'da Guard, so as we may proceed, I am fairly certain that the Commander will be very interested in the tale Galas has to tell" He really hopes the oaf heard him this time, as he stands in as regal a posture as possible hoping the oaf understands the severity of the situation.

He notices Galas still has his hands up, *in common "Put yer fool hands down Galas, ye are not under arrest. YET!!" he calls out rather move forcibly than planned.

09-03-2009, 11:54 AM
"Aye, at once,"* as he turns and signals another dwarf some distance away.

"Keep on the path," indicating the rough path that lead down to Illethkeep proper. "He should be dere when ya gets there. The lanky ones on yer honor though, make certain he knows his manners," stating the obvious. "What sorta talk is dat he's sayin?"*

"It's human talk!,"* says Asbjørn in a gruff tone.

"Hello good sir, I am Galas of Orlbar. It is wonderful to make your acquaintance," in the common tongue as he offers his hand. His absolute lack of dwarven society and custom had never been anything more then a slight inconvenience before, but he assumed he will be needing far more in the short future.

* - Dwarven

09-03-2009, 10:05 PM
"Aye, I'll do just that" he replies in dwarven.

"Galas, hush it it up, I'll translate for ye, for now ye need to just stand behind me and Asbjørn. The Capt o'da Guard is waitin ahead to take us to the Keeps Commander, till we get there use them pointed ears and not ye mouth. The Commander will have questions about de orcs, so ye need to start thinkin o de answers. Ye understand me?"

Thoriken and Asbjørn take the lead and move along the path, walking with their backs straight and shoulders back. Knowing they are already being observed and judged by the higher ranking dwarves even they could not see them.

At the top of the path in dwarven "Capt o'da Guard? I am Thoriken - Avenger of Moradin and this is Asbjørn Muleskinner of the hold and me sheild brother now."

09-04-2009, 09:55 AM
The captain of the guard is an older dwarf with a beard that stretches to nearly his knees. He wears a well used suit of chain mail and he appears to be missing an eye, but does not wear a patch to cover it. It is certainly a grisly scar and one that gives him a very rough and sinister look.

"I know's ya now," in a gruff bark. "Now do ya mind tellin me whats so damned important? I wez givin the signal that we's under attach and I ain't seen hide ner hair of any beast about..."

Galas just looks on with a sense of interest, but is quite shaken by the wild looking dwarf that seems to be yelling and barking at them in unfriendly terms. He wonders if perhaps he should stick his hands up in the air again, but relies on Thoriken to tell him when he should.

Asbjørn looks to be getting quite upset at this dwarf and his red face suggests it nears boiling over. "Never change do ye Erir? Always a bullyin and barkin! I ain't come all dis way to hears ya bellyachin!" in a tone that suggests there is something previously between the two of them.

"I cin see you done real good wit da skinners as well, prolly suits ya a bit better den da militia. What wit ya not bein suited fer it," as Erir taunts back.

* - all quotation in dwarven

09-05-2009, 09:11 AM
Thoriken seemingly unplussed by the elder dwarf's lack of manners replies before Asbjørn has a chance to, in Dwarven "Aye grandsire I don't mind tellin ye atall, but seeing as I do not know what kinda time we have and I really only want to tell dis story once, do ye mind taking us to the Keep Commander?" turning toAsbjørn, "Asbjørn keep yer head on business, member da Hold comes first, after dat, ye can teach leather face a thing or two bout manners, but Da Hold comes first!"

Giving Galas the stink eye, in common "Boy if ye want a live ye stay out of the ruckus if anything starts. Ye need to tell the Keep Commander bout dem Orcs. Ye understand?"

09-08-2009, 01:38 PM
He listens to you as he coldly stares at Asbjørn in undisguised hatred. A few of his clansmen and fellow militia stand behind him and snicker about his remarks about the muleskinner.

"Master Rivenhelm is too busy ta be hearin no tale from a drunk skinner," as he looks over to you again. "I ain't lettin no tall one in 'ere either, so lessin ya cin show me sum proof 'bout yer tall tales..." with a menacing grimace.

Asbjørn just stands and takes the abuse, but his reddening face and clenching arms certainly suggest he can only take so much before he reaches his limit and it is clearly rapidly approaching.

From behind the group emerges a dwarf with a flame red beard that nearly covers his face. He takes a look at the situation and immediately steps forward between the Erir and his clansmen. "What's 'appenin in de hills. Been seein game runnin fer a few days and it ain't bodin well amongst me fellows," as he tries to shift the subject.

Erir turns aggressively, "None o' yer concern Dwak! Why donna ye get back ta trainin and let me handle dis."

09-08-2009, 06:10 PM
Thoriken determined to not get riled at the grim old guard, in dwarven "Master Dwak, I am Thoriken Atticahammer, Avenger of Moradin. I recently saved this tall one from the after effects of an Orc Raider, he says there is an army of the buggers coming into Hold lands and I am trying to get word to the Keep Commander." He places his hand on Asbjørns shoulder, "Though Da Capt here seems to have minor problem with me Shield Mate which he seems to think is more important than the Hold. Though possibly a few years ago I may have agreed with him on a few points, but I have seen Moradin touch him and know that his will is the same as mine now. This tall thing is the proof that Da Capt is wanting though he can't see it thru the fog before his eye." Thoriken regally bows to the red bearded dwarf in acknowledgment of his birth right.

09-16-2009, 09:54 PM
Dwak continues forward ignoring Erir as if he had not heard him at all. He nods at your commitment to Asbjørn, seeming to be impressed by your commitment.

"I'll take over here Erir. I know Rivenhelm and think its really up ta 'im," as he glares at the older dwarf threateningly. Erir glares back, his clansmen moving more colsely.

"I've had bout nough you Red beard. No mount o' grovellin and goblin kissin will do ya any good dis time," as he sputters near rage.

Dwak rears back with lightening speed and in just a moment his fist fully connects with the old dwarves face producing a dull cruch as you can hear his nose break. "I'll do da same ta da rest o' yee i'ffn ya don't beat yer feet," as he lunges forward menacingly.

They quickly grab the arms of Erir and pull him back, shouting insults as they dissappear down the trail.

09-18-2009, 06:47 PM
"Well now Master Dwak, I thank ye for the assistance, now if ye don't mind we will follow ye to see Commander Rivenhelm." Thoriken clasps Asbjørn by the shoulder and squeezes it reassuringly, hoping he gets the hint.
Turning to Galas in common "Galas, stay close and when ye gets da chance ye need to thank our flamebearded friend" He then holds his hand out to Dwak in friendship.

09-18-2009, 10:48 PM
"Aye indeed, I ain't no desire ta be sharin this mount with no orcs," as he heads down another path toward the great structure of Illethkeep that grows larger at your steady approach. The flame bearded dwarf keeps a good pace and although being quite a bit older then everyone here seems to slow his pace so that everyone can keep up.

"Sorry 'bout all that misunderstanding back there, seems me students arn't takin me lessons as well as I taught em. I'll remember when they has sons that need ta be learnin war," as he continues at a brisk pace.

"Pleasant sight to be seein ya gettin along well 'nough Asbjørn, been quite a spell," as he moves quickly through the rock and debris.

Asbjørn appears quite unsure about this dwarf, as if he has some very deep connection. "Aye, been workin the North ranges. Glad ta see ya ain't lost yer charm," in response. He clears his throat loudly and brushes his eyebrows as he mutters something about the infernal sun.

Gals seems to be enjoying this dwarf much more then the last few and is trying to keep up, but his injuries do hold him back a bit.

After what seems like a good two mile hike down, you reach a bustling landing filled with dwarves. Some stop and stare at the tall thing at your rear, while others shove them and continue upon their duties.

Dwak bellows at a young dwarf that looks barely in his thirties, "Norkus," as the young dwarf nearly stumbles as he runs over. "Go and tell Commander Rivenhelm that we are coming with reports of raiders amongst the mounts. We are not slow so you had better beat us...." as the youth turns and races into the dark chasm that is the entry into the stead. He turns a grins, "Well, now were expected."

He leads you past the security forces, his reputation alone acting as his word of honor. The Entry itself is vast, with military dwarves bustling here and there. Dwak leads you with shouts and commands to clear a path.

After about twenty minutes you finally veer off, passing a bedraggled and abandoned looking temple that sits across from the hulking behemoth that is the temple of Clangeddin. From even this distance you can hear the battle hymns as if you were inside and the constant ringing of weapons on the floor shakes the ground.

You shortly reach several large sets of doors and sveral dangerous looking dwarves smile at Dwak's approach. "Heard ye were comin, beat ya by at least three breaths," says one of the dwarves with a toothy grin.

"I'll have him whipped up in two winters, count on it," as he opens the door. Inside stands two massive dwarves whom look up at your entry. One has a florid face, a huge bulbous nose, and an enormous, well-trimmed handlebar moustache. The other is an imposing figure in a well cropped military outfit and a long flowing beard that nearly reaches the floor.

"Well, whats all this Norkus was on about? Said something about a giant..." as Galas finally enters the room, ducking to fit through the doorway.

09-19-2009, 11:13 AM
"Aye, Master Dwak, 'twas me figuring as well when I sav'd da lanky oun from dhem an heard his story. They had chased em into a chasm and he land'd at me feet so ta say and I brought em here to report." Thoriken stated as they started to follow the flamebearded dwarf.

Thoriken, Asbjørn and Galas trudged wearily behind nodding as Master Dwak would say something. Thoriken had to repeatedly hurry Galas along with gestures and taunt "Galas, with dem long legs ye should not be fallin behind, hurry along lad!" he was heard to often mutter in common.

After entering the room with the Commander, Thoriken see's the unease building, he stands tall to do the introductions and start the tale.

"Master Rivenhelm, if I may," Thoriken looks askence to the Commander.

"Aye, go ahead young one, we need to get ta the bottom of this and why there is a human with ye?"

Thoriken clears his throat, looks around at the prestigous company, and suddenly wishes he was back in the underdark looking for drow. "Well sire, it begins with me doin my patrols in the lower caverns, when I happened upon a couple of stirges tryin to make a meal of the human, he was about dead by da time I dispatched them, but with Moradins Aid I was able to rouse him. His story was a wild one about Orc armies ad such. Being closer to here than the stead I hurriedly brought him with me and along the da way I met me sheildmate just finishing a sacrifice to Moradin and brought him too, Now I would like to introduce Galas of the humans" Turning to Galas "Ye need to tell'm what ye saw"

Galas looked stricken as Thoriken spoke to him, he peers around at all the dwarves in the room eyes the size of platnum pieces, he swallows hard and attempts to start to speak a couple times till he actually manages it, "Ummm, urr, ummm well I am Galas, a hunter for the human settlement of Loudwater" He manages finally and after a quick deep breath he continues, "I was hunting the wstern reaches when I stumbled into the path of several Orc raiding parties, kan't give ya a defilint amount of them as they dispathed about 20 to chase me, though there were at least 4 very large groups, they chased me higher into the mountains and managed to put an arrow into me when I fell into da chasum that Master Thoriken found me in." Turning back to Thoriken he signals he is done.

Thoriken turns to Asbjørn, "Shieldmate? do ye have anymore ta add"

"Nay, That is the same as I heard when ye ell found me" Asbjørn states.

"Well Sire there is da story for ye, if ye need our assistance just speak it and it will be a Moradin spoke" Thoriken then kneels before thee Commander.

09-19-2009, 08:33 PM
The dwarf in the military garb takes in your report with a measured look, "I appreciate your efforts and the urgency in which you delivered it. It has been quite some time since we have had one of his ilk within our hallowed walls," indicating Galas. He stands up a bit stouter and in a rough common says, "Well Met Galas of Loudwater, I am Vulph of Uerythtar and he is known as Olorn of Uerythtar," indicating the other dwarf beside him. "I would like to have words with you over what you have seen and your intentions with our stead. I will certainly double our efforts and prepare for something should these orcs decide upon a suicidal attempt, I ask that you stay and show me exactly where you saw these movements. I shall see to your room and we will have you healed in short time. Our warpreists are in need of something more severe then a sprained ankle to treat." as he nods to Olorn.

Olorn moves toward the doorway and escorts the two dwarven guards in as he waves the three dwarves to follow him outside.

When Galas sees the motion he nods to you and smiles, "Thoriken, I appreciate you saving my life back there and I shant forget it. You tell Azborn and Dwak there that I'll certainly see them about eventually again. It sounds like Vulph has some strategizing in mind and I can see the maps he is headed toward, besides I could certainly do with a few days rest and your legendary brew" with a sly grin. "I'll be fine from here, you be safe and I'll see you around," as he pats his stout friend on the shoulder reassuringly.

09-19-2009, 10:51 PM
Thoriken nods in return to Vulph, turns to Galas "Well Galas, it was Moradins will that brought us tagether and it is his will that ye help me fellas, walk carefully in these halo'd halls and remember ye place, ye'll be fine" He shakes Galas' hand.

"Well Asbjørn are ye ready for the next part of Moradins Will?" He asks while awaiting Vulph to see off Galas.

"Thoriken, I will be after a tall tankard or three, a hot bath and a soft bed!" Asbjørn replies heartily.

09-20-2009, 11:03 AM
As you exit the door behind Olorn he shuts it as Vulph begins setting out maps of the peaks across a central table. He indicates you to follow him off a bit to be away from the door and begins, "We appreciate your efforts in the defense of the stead and I know the dangers you must have faced getting this Galas here. I assume you will be headed back to the stead itself and I must ask a favor of you both," indicating Thoriken and Asbjørn.

"I was approached by an young acolyte in regards to a request from the High Old One of Dumathoin. He had asked for some mules for replacement in the mines. I have secured them from the Mule skinners and had been meaning to send one of the lesser preists of Clangeddin to pass on my message, but with everything you have brought in, I hate taking them from their duties. I assume you will be going back to Uerythar proper and would ask that you carry my message to him if you could," speaking to the Avenger of Moradin.

"I also ask that you make certain they are delivered shortly and I would appreciate you taking this on yourself Asbjørn. I would never seek to offend our revered Thane Verbain, but with the keep's safety at issue I could hardly leave my post to attend to this affair. I would look upon this as a great favor and shall remember what you have done for me in the future. That is if you'll both accept?"

Olorn Tethgard was the commander of Illethkeep and woirked closely with Vulph in its management. He knew that he could order the two to so this task, but had found that asking brought better results then outright barking. With his own soldiers it was not needed, but a certain civility with anyone from the stead proper was always appreciated. He had heard a few whispering about him as 'Greatshout' and thought his reputation deserved some polish if he ever wanted to go back to living in the stead itself.

09-20-2009, 02:37 PM
"Aye Olorn, Me and me mate can do that, tho he'll have to provide the knowledge, I know nuttin bout dem, sound good to ye Asbjørn?" Thoriken says before his sheildmate has a chance to speak. Asbjørn glaring at him scowls a little in reply "Aye mate, I suspose I kin put off my tankard for a couple hours, for the 'Mander and the hold."

A short time later with the mules tied together they head off through the cavernous tunnel that leads back to the hold. Thoriken thrilled once again to atleast have stone over his head once more is humming a fine tune as they walk. "Do ye need ta do dat humming, mercy yer catawhalin is a most offensive to a clear head, may hap with some stout ale I could handle et." Asbjørn states gloomily after an hour or so down the tunnel. Thoriken smiles at his sheildmate "Shurin I can wait a bit, don't get much chance a hearin me voice when I patrol, much to delight o da critters down in da dark tho I'm sure."

They had quickly settled down to an easy pace moving into the hold some time later. They deliver the mules and head over to the Thanes residentance to deliver the message from Olorn.

09-20-2009, 02:56 PM
You deliver them to a very bewildered dwarf that agrees to hold them, but had no knowledge of any mules being delivered to the Brotherhood. At your mention of Osk he just raises his shoulders and ties them up to await further orders about them. They were nearly overstocked now as it happens and the addition of seven more was just crazy, perhaps the old one had finally cracked he chuckled to himself.

As you approach the temple it is you whom leads the way as your companion has no idea there even was a temple in the duergar clanhold. Your passage through the quarter is quiet and a bit intimidating as the duergar seem to rarely receive visits from their shield dwarf brethren.

As you finally approach the temple itself a young duergar acolyte approaches you cautiously, "Might I be of some assistance my brother's?"

09-20-2009, 03:22 PM
"Aye brother, ye may be able to, we have a message for Thane Verbain from da commander of da keep." Thoriken replies somberly to the young dwarf. "Oh and mate we be in kida a hurry, we have a couple tankards callin."

09-20-2009, 03:34 PM
"Certainly, I shall go and tell him immediately,' as he quickly moves toward the rear of the temple and disappears into a dark labyrinth. The other parishioners seem to glance over at the two of you, but leave you in peace.

The chamber seems vast and unfinished, but it evokes a sense of wonder at the natural that burns in every dwarf that happens across some space that has never been touched.

The minutes pass slowly as you await his return, the idea of quenching your thirst growing as the time passes.

09-20-2009, 05:08 PM
Thoriken, easily relaxed with in the confines of a house of god, even if it was another's, takes the time to reflect upon the events with in the last few days. Asbjørn on the other hand soon becomes fidgety and moves to entrance way so he could pace without disturbing those there to pray.

09-20-2009, 06:03 PM
The acolyte returns in a rush moving immediately to you both. "He shall see you immediately, If you'll follow me?" as he leads them into the caverns behind the temple itself and through the maze of corridors.

He finally reaches a point from which you can see a flickering torch in an inner chamber with but a small fissure separating the two. He indicates that you are to enter there, "They are just inside my brothers."

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