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05-11-2009, 03:40 PM
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Running Wild Teasers (http://www.shadowrun4.com/wordpress/2009/05/running-wild-teasers/)

So, Iíve been bouncing between a half-dozen different projects, but one of my favorites right now is Running Wild. Maybe because itís the second time someone let me write rules, or maybe itís because I got to write a P2.0 blog from a centaurís point of view. Or maybe itís because Iím seeing the art, and seeing some of these critters makes my imagination run wild (hehe). Looking at one of the sketches, *my first thought was, ďoh, god, please donít let my GM send my team against one of those!Ē Just what I needómore ideas for my GM to terrify us with.


Anyway, we had our playtesters go at the drafts awhile back, and some of the playtest reports had me laughing out loud (we have some particularly creative GMs on our playtest roster, and I pity their groups, really). *And while playtesting has been done for quite a while (the project is coming along nicely, with almost all chapters back from editing),*if you just canít wait, hereís a few teasers from the playtest reportsÖ


What would the wildlife of the Amazonas say to lumber mills and bulldozers? A group of emergent jaguars, led by a jaguar shifter, attack Aztech facilities deep in the jungle. The runners are called to end the attacks by an unknown guerilla force. (Cite Calvin: ďWhat would the humans do if the animals bulldozed a suburb and put in new trees?Ē)
The blog sidebar from the centaur is fun. Poor Bob.
Love the Hellcow!
I am a big fan of giving players and gamemasters lots of options and lots of possibilities for plot twists, new encounters and new storylines.* And these [xxx] accomplish all those goals.*
We would really like the example toxic critter: the Borax Burro, to have corrosive excretions in more than just saliva. The players captured some and transported them in the back of a rented truck. When they stopped to muck out the back, I gave them a big surprise due to the critter’s corrosive excretions - large parts of the floor had holes in them.
If you do put a submachine gun and taser in a dog, just exactly *where* do they go?
When the hacker told the rest of the team to beware the bunnies, they had no idea what they were in forÖ
Good stuff. Smiling Bandit + KAM is a yes. How old are they by now?
This is one of the best books we have playtested, so far.