View Full Version : Looking for D&D game in Mercer County

12-04-2006, 06:14 PM
HI-I am looking for a D&D group in Mercer County NJ who could use another player.I have played D&D most of my life(im 33 now) from 1st Ed. and everything up to 3.5. I prefer to play characters who use their skills more than fighting and try to make the game fun for the other party member as well buy playing my character the right way.I have not found a group for the 3 yrs since i moved down to Mercer County and i really want to get back into playing.I am looking to find a group that meets on weekends as my work schedule prevents me from playing during the week and if i join a group i want to be a reliable player-not one that just shows up for 1 session and then you never hear from them again.If anyone knows of a group please let me know.