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04-29-2009, 09:59 PM
We left the prosecution of the Sheriff in the trusted hands of the Church of Heshtail. I was happy to be off to Elder Daven to start to get started on tracking down my Mother.
After a few hours of travel we came across a bend in the road with horse tracks leading off around the corner and into the woods. My sister, Brialla, stealthy scouted ahead. I saw her stop and seemed to be at an impass. Heinrich, our half-elven ranger, then started to scout the opposite direction. After a little while Heinrich jumped shouted and I heard weapons in use.
We all sprang into action. I arrived while Heinrich took a nasty hit by a strangely clean Ogre, I thought he was done for. Rana and Brialla were engaged by the time I was able to close distance with my foe. I solidly hit the Ogre in the chest on my way by to set up my charge. Which I was able to sucessfully accomplish, thanks to the valant battle brought to the foe by my fellows.
After we had brought Heinrich back to the better side of living and aquired another pack horse, we continued on to Elder Daven. We reached the gates just before dark. We tried to get to see Oath Protector Harnet as quick as possible. The gate guards double timed past us, which confirmed my will to get to the Temple all that much quicker.
The night began to stir around us. The gate of the Inner City was near by and I though we would make it. As we came around the corner a large smelly Ogre was there to greet us. He wanted us to pay him in order to pass. Naturally I drew my axe on the evil beast. With one mighty swing the Ogre knocked me off my horse and off a the wall. I stayed kept my footing and prepared to attack.
Next thing I knew all I could see was the magical glow off of my axe. Past that was complete darkness. All I heard was wings flapping and I felt the sharpest blade imaginable penetrate my neck. I was on the verge of blacking out. The rest came in kind of a blur.
Light suddenly came from my right and the troop of guards came down from the right. Our saviors seemed to be of Celestial ascestry. We were escorted to see Captain Chorby, one of the few points of light in these dark times.
He and his men provided shelter and information to us. In my passing in and out of consciencess I swore he addressed me as 'milady'. After a short conversation I managed to get into the room assigned to me and blacked out.
It is now morning and I am anxious to learn more about our host and to find Oath Protector Harnet.

04-30-2009, 05:40 AM
LOL you didnt mention how bositerous and talkative Walter is. That guy never seems to shut up! It has gotten to the point where its like, "Seriously Walter! Pipe down!"

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We can't all be quiet monks! Where would the pizazz come from?

05-13-2009, 09:31 PM
Representatives from Oath Protector Harnet came and summoned Vihelm, a fellow priest of Reanan. to meet with them. I followed. Soon after we arrived we were all told to wait in the chapel. Naturally I took this opportunity to offer thanks to Heshtail. Soon after, as is proper, women and men Acolytes came filing in on their respected sides. A half-orc appeared out of the crowd and escorted us to the Oath Protector.
When we entered a worn out looking Captian Chorby was also there. I was relieved to finally get the vile artifacts out of my possession. I asked about known pockets of the Death God to try to narrow down the search for Silke, not much information was available.
The main topic of conversation soon turned to a mission the Oath Protector and Captian Chorbry wanted us to undertake. This involved finding an abandoned castle in the mountains to the North. Apparently this holds crucial artifacts needed to rid the streets of the vile Undead. I was heavily conflicted in what to do. On one hand if we did this for them we would be going aganist the King, no matter how powerless he is King. Also, this would put off even further finding Silke. The deciding factors were the greater good for the citizens of this Land, and more importantly this is Reanan's Will. Thy God must always come before thy country.
Chorbry sent two additional men with us.
After foolishly openly gathering for a lengthy trip north we began to ride north to Beckenhausen. We weren't out of the city when we were approached by an armed man, mounted man, both steed and rider in Mithryl. His name is Keiral. He began to inquire where we were headed, asking about if we going to the Stonewall Mountains. I stammered over my responses, not sure if this was one of the King's Men. Brialla jumped in for me and told them we were heading home and no more.
I invited him to journey to Beckenhausen with us. On the ride north I asked Heshtails aid in determining where Keiral's heart lies. Through that and conversation I felt no reason for him to not continue to journey with us. I felt it fair to tell him, he would be under constant watch amoung our group.
After visiting Beckenhausen, dropping off supplies, and discussing plans for defensive canals to be dug, we headed towards the mountains. Soon after leaving we encountered two goblin monks. They quickly went for Brillara. I feared for her life. It was a hard fight but by the actions of those I now call friends, she was saved.
Only after it got dark did we realize our foolish actions. Why would you sleep at night out in this cursed land. Heshtail forgive me for this blindness. We decided to push on, only us humans would be effected anyhow.
Through the night we came across and ghast, which Rana quickly dispatched. Hours later we were attacked by 2 skeletal owlbears and a human zombie. The entire group, including Keiral fought well and destroyed the vermin.
Nothing further happned the rest of the night. I remember the dawn breaking and finding a nice field outside a cabin to lie down in. I awoke to sights and sounds of battle. I was shocked to see a vampire fighting us. The first thing that came to my head was to burn the vile creature, a sure way to destroy it. Keiral soon after did just that.
Brialla and I approached the house. My sister checked the door before I tore it off. Inside was was a chest and a coffin. Brialla dealt with the chest while I pondered what to do with the coffin. My first instinct was to open it, but decided aganist it at the very last moment. Heinrich came up and set the cabin aflame. I stood outside ready to strike anything fleeing the blaze. By this time dawn had come.