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12-03-2006, 04:39 PM
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We’re posting this month’s [URL="http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/missions/"]Shadowrun Missions (http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/wordpress/?p=155) adventure a day early, because we have a ton of other stuff to get online this week … so without further ado, here are the download links for the latest free Fourth Edition Shadowrun Missions adventure, Twist and Insult (http://shadowrunrpg.com/missions/downloads/srm_210.php):

Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl. Girl kills leader of boy’s gang to promote him. Can these two lovers survive go-gang politics long enough to unite their warring gangs or will they be subsumed in the violent struggle which is everyday life in Aurora.

Part One: Twist and Insult (http://shadowrunrpg.com/missions/downloads/SRM02-10A_Twist_and_Insult.pdf) [904KB]
Part Two: Tunnel Vision Player Handouts (http://shadowrunrpg.com/missions/downloads/SRM02-10B.pdf) [1.3MB] If you’re interested in running events within the official Shadowrun Missions (http://www.shadowrunrpg.com/missions/) campaign, check out the Event Guidelines! (http://shadowrunrpg.com/missions/events.shtml)