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04-23-2009, 04:13 PM
When posting, mention in title which character (of if GM) you are.

Put spoken text in blue "Can I hear a Heck Yeah!"
action text with roll statement:
perception to hear 'heck yeah'
inner monologue as purple
quick OCC in red
and general narration as black

Also, do one character/narration at a time. This is an impromptu where one feeds off of another. Don't narrate the actions of 5 different people in one post.

The characters/game system used/bad guys/level/class/race/etc... can change as you see fit. However, if on a quest to kill tiamat, don't all of a sudden change the characters to 1st level to fight her kobold minions. Have them finish off tiamat, THEN kill minions.

If you do add new character/NPC add him/her to character topic with pertinent details. Don't need to do all of the number crunching (but if you want that won't hurt), just the bare minimum necessary. Include background as you see fit.

If changing mechanics system, make sure to notify this and to update/replace characters as needed.

If don't own material for system being used, don't worry. Say your action and indicate you want to roll for it, and hopefully the next poster can roll the appropriate roll for you.

If we are using the fan-made RPG for final fantasy, you may want to cast firaga, but don't know what to roll. The next player (who is more familiar with the game) can roll for you and assess what happens as a result. Sort of acting as a GM on that turn.

I made add more later, but these are my thoughts for now. I hope everyone enjoys, and ANYONE on this site is welcome to play. There is no commitment. If you are reading and think, hey, they should fight a dragon, say
"while walking through the woods, the dragon, pilfinheim, swoops down and demands all of your treasure."

I will have a story topic, a characters topic, and a GM topic. So if you want to strictly be on the player side of things, potential GM's can discuss their secrets/evil plots with each other.
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also, PLEASE avoid plot holes. If someone posts something, that is what happens, even if it messes with your well laid out plans.

Oh and have much fun!
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if it wasn't clear, anybody can post to this game. Unless something prevents you from posting maybe? I don't know if only certain people can post. If you would like to post and can't PM me, and I'll investigate.

But this game is for the whole P&PG community.