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04-22-2009, 05:14 AM
Ever have one of those moments where the PC's pulled some totaly unexpectedly clever manuver, using readily avalible simple powers and/or materials and a one or two lucky die rolls that laid waist to carefuly lade DM plots in a single near efortless blow? Maybe you were the DM that got totaly flustered, or maybe you were onme of the players that got the rare treat of seeing crafty DM's face totaly flustered. Well, its time to share...:evil:

Sorry folks meant to post this on the general chatter for the whole site, I re-started the thread there, plese go see it for plenty of humorous stories and GM baffelment.

Arch Lich Thoth-Amon
04-22-2009, 10:35 AM
I was playing a 1E module so many years ago. I guess there was a note in the module that stated that any character that kicks in the door will fall in. Well, before kicking the door, i stated rather clearly that i brace myself just so i wouldnt love my footing. An argument ensued, and in the end, the DM had to back down. It really wrecked the whole encounter. The DM was new. He later learned to become creative and ended up a rather good DM.

Yep, it's not an exciting story, but i thought i'd bring some 1E goodiness to the table.

04-29-2009, 03:15 PM
Yes, I had a group of level 1 characters, 3.5 D&D, who came upon a door with the goblin word for "Danger"( I believe is was "Skruun") scrawled in red. Naturally, being of heroic ego's ... the group scoffed at this and the rogue checked it out and opened the door.

On the other side is a set of stone steps descending into complete darkness, the light from the rogues torch illuminating brightly 20' in, shadows danced for another 20 beyond that.

Now, I had a Wyrmling Black Dragon lying in wait, it's tactic was to use the darkness to it's advantage since it had not only Darkvision ... but Blindsense as well. It was going to breathe it's 2d4 breath weapon on the person with any light source so no one could see it. Then it was simply going to tear them apart in their panic.

Something totally unseen was that the Ranger happened to have found a Sunrod ... and he used it. He tossed it in, the dragon was seen ... arrows were fired, a Tanglfoot bag thrown effectively ... fight over in the first round against a CR3 dragon ...:croc: