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  38. world of Power 1936
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  41. The 4400 is better than HEROES!
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  85. Palladium's Heroes Unlimited vs. other Super Hero RPGs (sans Marvel Diceless)
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  87. Green Ronin (Mutants & Masterminds) Acquires DC License
  88. MnM with maptools and voice
  89. The Secret World (for inspiration)
  90. Tights, too tight, not too good
  91. Funny Superheroes
  92. Any V&V in the SE Pennsy area??
  93. Steve Kenson's ICONS RPG
  94. (IMO) This section need to be moved and renamed
  95. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be superheroes.
  96. Champions High Universe: Players [andGMs] Wanted!!
  97. Marvel 1602 (Or some other period in the good ol' way back when)
  98. online super (slightly) heroic game: invite for GM and players
  99. San Jose, CA player looking for M&M game..
  100. Wild Talents 2 Character Worksheet
  101. Superheroes for people who hate superheroes?
  102. Do you have a side kick?
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  105. looking for online skype/ superhero campaign marvel u
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  107. looking for modules/adventures for super-heroic game (any system is kosher)???
  108. October Dawn: History of the superhero costume
  109. Favorite Supervillain of all time?
  110. Mutants & Masterminds 3.0 Superheroic Campaign "The Night Bleeds Pure Sunlight" Online
  111. A superhero PBM game (not exactly)
  112. October Dawn: Recruiting Players
  113. Nemesis Leaping
  114. [Tripod Machine] Fantastic Creatures Special Kickstarter! (Super-Powered by M&M)
  115. New SRD Site for Mutants and Masterminds 3E
  116. Supers!
  117. margaret Weis Production's new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game.
  118. (online, skype) Marvel Heroic Role Playing, Friday 03-09-12, 8pm EST
  119. the thoughtlessness of the anti-tights people in superhero gaming
  120. Help with setting!
  121. classic marvel- new avengers
  122. A Quick question regarding the purchase of powers after creation...
  123. Post your heroes
  124. superhero cartoon series to prep the players!
  125. New Product for SUPERS!
  126. New Product for BASH!
  127. Need help creating a Sonic Screwdriver in Pladdium Hero SYSTEM
  128. Need Some Character Ideas for HERO System 6th Edition Campaign
  129. Champions 5th Edition
  130. Looking for Player in Orange County, Ca
  131. Need help with Champions 6th Edition Heroes build
  132. Champions 6th Edition - d20Pro
  133. Sandbox Super(hero/villain/other) Experiment
  134. Superhero Campaigns, Fate, and Free Will
  135. Incorporating Useful "Loot" into a Sentai Styled Game?
  136. [Blessed Machine: Print/pdf/Art/Apparel] Champions Adventure: Evilution Unchained
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  138. AARON ALLSTON'S STRIKE FORCE Kickstarter Launched
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  140. M&M 3 Icon Escapades 01: A Divergence in Time Now on sale!