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  1. Broken Banners
  2. World of Darkness: Gotham
  3. Spearpoint
  4. Operation: Pandora's Box
  5. The Dark Kings Return
  6. Star Wars and Daring Tales of the Space Lanes
  7. Game of Thrones
  8. It's a game for heroes, can I get some heroes up in this Mother-Shutyomouf-
  9. Weekly D&D Next / D&D 3.5 in Chantilly VA
  10. #Descending_Shadows on irc,darkmyst.net
  11. A Song of Ice and Fire RPG (Game of Thrones)
  12. Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green
  13. Classic Middle Earth High Fantasy
  14. Pathfinder Campaign, possibly an Adventure Path
  15. Online OWoD Werewolf Campaign looking for 2 new players
  16. OKLAHOMA TABLETOP GAMING -- let's make it happen!
  17. OKLAHOMA TABLETOP GAMING -- let's make it happen!
  18. OKLAHOMA TABLETOP GAMING -- let's make it happen!
  19. Looking for Pathfinder Players
  20. Pathfinder: Varisia (Golarion) Campaign
  21. Pathfinder
  22. Solaris
  23. Within the Shadows
  24. New Pittsburgh Based Street Fighter The Storytelling Game.
  25. Rockville, MD - 2nd Edition; Greyhawk
  26. Shadows from the Dark
  27. Black Mist Company
  28. Age of Worms in Colorado Springs
  29. A Day Late and a Shilling Short
  30. A Day Late and a Shilling Short
  31. Torchbearer in Soderfjord
  32. Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly
  33. Dead End
  34. Destiny to be avoided
  35. Conan-verse RoleMaster!
  36. nike air max 2013 which allow them offer better protection during the
  37. The Five Cities - New Campaign setting
  38. Cortex Drama: Space Pirates! In Space! (Phoenix, AZ)
  39. Looking for Gamers
  40. RPG Test Kitchen
  41. Beaverton/Portland Oregon Pathfinder- Shattered Star Adventure Path
  42. Shadowrun: Deep Scars
  43. Looking for game, Southeastern NH and thereabouts....
  44. Legends arise
  45. Weekends in Winslow, NJ
  46. D&D Classic
  47. The Queen of Blood (Pathfinder RPG)
  48. Shadowrun: Jackson, MS
  49. under constriction
  50. looking for local group (johnson county kansas)
  51. Homebrew Pathfinder
  52. [ONLINE] (Savage Worlds) Pirates of the Spanish Main....age of sail roleplaying
  53. Austin RPG Exploration Group
  55. I am looking for a New World Of Darkness game
  56. Starting from scratch
  57. We the players will Name it.
  58. Anima: Interdimensional Pirates
  59. Looking for Rogue Trader (or other Warhammer 40k!)
  60. Pathfinder fresh start in West LA!
  61. Sedivore
  62. Nashville/ Murfreesboro game
  63. Rifts Nashville /Murfreesboro
  64. Marvel Super Heroes -A few good heroes
  65. Shadow and Steel Pathfinder Homebrew
  66. Looking for players!
  67. Star Wars: Edge of your Seat!
  68. Gothic Fantasy Horror
  69. Souless Echelon (Pathfinder/3.5/Eberron/ Columus, OH)
  70. Vtm:20th The Anarch Revolt.
  71. Infnity - Paradiso Campaign at Mythic Games
  72. Fortitude: the Glass-Maker's Dragon
  73. Looking for game (Online/Maptool)
  74. The Warlock Chronicles (Name in Progress)
  75. Chuubo's by IRC
  76. High Level Pathfinder Game
  77. [Gainesville, FL] Looking for a player or two for Star Wars RPG
  78. Shadowrun, Enter the Guild
  79. On-Line Pathfinder Campaign, Weekly Game
  80. Fast paced, D&D 3.5 Game, High Action, Open Recruitment, No Experience Needed
  81. Assessing interest for online game: dungeon crawly, light, and fun
  82. new rpg campaign startup
  83. The Caverns of Thracia at Dragonflight, Bellevue, WA
  84. Vamprie the Masquerade needs Storyteller
  85. Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Game Starting
  86. Last Stand and Werewolf the Forsaken LFM
  88. Live Again
  89. The Day the Sky fell.
  90. no name picked yet
  91. Apocalypse World, Dungeon World & Eclipse Phase!
  92. Player LFG in Eugene OR (or Springfield OR)
  93. Darkness Within
  94. Star Wars Edge of the Empire game
  95. Star Wars Edge of the Empire
  96. Earth Shadow PBEM
  97. New Babylon World of Future Darkness
  98. Monday evening group in London, near Victoria, seeks players
  99. SW: Edge of the Empire Campaign - West LA/Santa Monica/etc area
  100. Starting a Shadowrun 5th ed. game
  101. Tuesday Night Hunter (Hunter The Vigil -- NWOD -- Tuesdays -- LFP -- Skype)
  102. Marvel - 90s Era RP
  103. Shackled City Adventure Path
  104. Rise of the Runelords(anniversary edition)
  105. Haledon NJ - Warhammer Fantasy
  106. DM Wanted for 3.5e or 5e D&D chat-based game with 4 great players!
  107. Season 5: Year of the Demon, Auckland, New Zealand
  108. That space game
  109. Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Set, Danvers MA
  110. D&D 3.5 in Knoxville, Tennessee
  111. anyone in Oklahoma? (any genre)
  112. Champions of Justice: The Mystery of DaggerRock
  113. The time travelers
  114. Looking for DM!
  115. any open chatroom games?
  116. The WitchKing Returns
  117. Conan 2nd Edition - Looking for Players
  118. Savage Worlds (Rippers/Necessary Evil) Warren, RI
  119. Freedom League Bronze
  120. Star Wars Edge of the Empire
  121. Bane of the Red Caps
  122. The Final Frontier
  123. Villains & Vigilantes Super Hero Game
  124. Mazes & Minotaurs
  125. The Carrion Kro
  126. Players wanted in Long Beach/Orange County, CA
  127. Ars Magica, The Syvash Covenant in the Novgorod Tribunal
  128. Gaming Group in Chester, VA Seeking One or Two More
  129. Madness at Watch Fortress Erioch
  130. Cyberpunk 2020 Campaign looking for 2 players
  131. CthulhuTech - LFP (Maptools 1.3b87 + Skype; Saturdays 8pm CST)
  132. River Kingdoms
  133. Sundering Adventures at Gamegrid - D&D Next!
  134. d20 Modern Interest Check - Roll20
  135. [NWOD] New Promethean The Created game -- LFP -- Mon or Thurs -- Skype
  136. Throne of Agony
  137. Games at PUGG (Purdue University Calumet in Hammond, IN)
  138. Shadow and Steel
  139. Damnit, lets play!
  140. Hakkenslash Playtest
  141. The Alliance of Extranormal Indiciduals
  142. Columbus, OH, Looking for Players, "The World Rivers"
  143. Looking for Rifts players in Cocoa Fl Area
  144. Experienced group looking for experienced player in Pasadena, MD area
  145. Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path
  146. LFG/LFP Various RPG's (Skype) GMT+3
  147. The last monsters left.
  148. Palladium Fantasy - Roll20
  149. Shadow of the Phoenix: Restarting and looking for players locally
  150. Trust
  151. The price of a life
  152. Kingdom in the Making
  153. Dresden Files RPG on G+ Hangout
  154. Covert Operations: Agents, Spies, and Operatives
  155. Old School Action! AD&D 1e Skype game openings
  156. Night's Black Agents Online Game
  157. 4e Eberron Game
  158. Interest Check: Pathfinder Adventure Path Classics Play-By-Post
  159. Blackmire Marches
  160. Battlegrounds, Arenas, monster killings!
  161. Deliver Me From the Garden
  162. Mass the Effecting/Empyreal Kingdoms of Kiralysag
  163. Ravenloft Redux
  164. [NWOD] New Vampire The Requiem game -- LFP -- Thurs or Fri -- Skype
  165. Federation of Dargunn
  166. Annydwyr
  167. fraction of a faction
  168. Cthulhu / Aztec empire D&D Next campaign in Toronto, LFG or LFP
  169. Players wanted for a D20 Post Apocalyptic campaign
  170. Divine Arhitects Denver Colorado
  171. Are you a DM interested in playtesting 5th edition? We'll bring the players!
  172. Fantastic Adventures
  173. Online Pathfinder RPG Expressions of Interest
  174. The Silver Seed
  175. Shadowrun 5e - Fantasy Grounds Weekly Game - Friday Nights
  176. Champions 6th Edition - d20Pro
  177. Looking for players - Winchester, Va
  178. Thursday Night Online Game
  179. The Fall
  180. Las Vegas. E6 in the forgotten realms
  181. The One Ring
  182. Pathfinder - Fantasy - Home brew
  183. [Online] Pathfinder Campaign; D20pro; Obsidian Portal; Teamspeak 3 (Voice Comms)
  184. Normalcy is More Than a Word
  185. Deadwood Deacon (BRP Weird West - Head out west pardners!)
  186. 3D system playtest and setting development
  187. The Awakening
  188. Thindacarulle Campaign
  189. besm (big eyes small mouth) Sora no Otoshimono
  190. Pathfinder
  191. Changeling: the Lost, Deliver Us From the Garden
  192. Scion: To Be Named... (Demigod)
  193. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - World of Greyhawk
  194. Vampire: the Masquerade, the Childer's Crusade, Berkeley, CA
  195. D&D 4e Campaign - every other Friday night - looking for one more
  196. Darkness Falls: a d20 game of supernatural and theological horror
  197. A group looking for players (new or experienced) for all sorts of games!
  198. Masks of Nyarlathotep [CoC] game in Lafayette\Delphi Indiana
  199. Pathfinder Shackled City (Moreno Valley, CA)
  200. Deverin's Demise
  201. Los Angeles, CA - Barebones Fantsy RPG
  202. (Millstone, NJ) Rise of the Runelords
  203. The Society(Recruiting) Home-Brewed RPG
  204. Dresden Files: Oblivion War (The Second Gate)
  205. Mundia
  206. Rohnert Park CA - Pathfinder - New Group
  207. Boston, MA - Playtest D&D Next?
  208. Modos RPG Playtest
  209. Hallowed Bayou - 3rd Edition World of Darkness
  210. Age of Shadows
  211. Parlous Realms
  212. Base Raiders: Self-Made Men
  213. Stranger Times (Toronto, ON Pathfinder Campaign)
  214. Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner Box and Beyond!
  215. Looking for Non-DnD games in Michigan
  216. Name TBD - D&D Next / 5e long term campaign starting up soon.
  217. Behind the Lies
  218. War of the Worlds, Post Invasion
  219. The Shadows at Dusk
  220. (Minneapolis) Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - Monthly Drop in game
  221. Band of the Red Hand
  222. [London, UK; NWOD] London Darkness Roleplaying Club
  223. Ministry of Game Term 1 - Waitara. New player spots!
  224. Nary a clue yet!
  225. OC Gamining Group
  226. The Marnor Campaign
  227. Couple looking for Pathfinder group North Seattle.
  228. Dark Nova- A pulse rifle wedding
  229. Way of the Wicked or other AP
  230. Looking for players for an Legend of the Five Rings 4th ed game in Northridge, CA
  231. Red Hand of Doom at Stanford
  232. look for group
  233. DnD 4th edu
  234. Looking for more: Pathfinder - Charlotte, NC
  235. Queen Creek or San Tan Vally AZ
  236. [Naperville, IL] Classic World of Darkness
  237. Hallowed Bayou OWOD IRC v20 VTM+
  238. Looking for players
  239. ONLINE Steampunk Pirates game LFP
  240. New gaming group in Ireland
  241. Dungeon World: Holy Paramethia
  242. Dungeon World
  243. PBP Ahoy Me Matey! A Skull and Shackles Campaign
  244. 7th Sea in Phoenix AZ, Courtiers and Criminals
  245. Tehm - Before the Fall
  246. Emperor Preserve
  247. Looking for groups and players buford ga
  248. Halls of Creytia (Playtest)
  249. The 13th House
  250. AD&D 2E Sandbox