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  1. DM wanted for 4E campaign....playing monthly
  2. Working on a computer RPG.
  3. Neverwinter 4.0 D&D campaign
  4. Pathfinder Game Looking for Members (or almost any other system)
  5. A million moments abroad.
  6. A million moments abroad.
  7. Scars of Suldairia
  8. BASH Champions
  9. Looking for Players for brand new Pathfinder Carrion Crown Campaign
  10. Call of Cthulhu
  11. Pensacola Role Players Association
  12. The Feral Lands (The Pathfinder Documents Experiment)
  13. <AD&D 1E> Actual Play Podcast
  14. Ravenloft
  15. Asheville Pathfinder Lodge at GeekOut Convention!!!!!
  16. Looking for a game in a uncommon timeslot
  17. Gurps Modern Online
  18. To Tell the Tale (Pathfinder, Maptools, Thursdays)
  19. Shadowrunners of New California
  20. wanna play some 4E
  21. World of Etheria
  22. D&D, ShadowRun, Battletech, or more...
  23. City of the Spider Queen Online [Maptools & Skype]
  24. The Crystal Campaign
  25. The Crystal War
  26. Let's Play Call of Cthulhu Online! Eldritch Horrors are neato! Golly Gee Whiz!
  27. Anyone interested in doing the DnD Next playtest in Seattle/Tacoma?
  28. Rifts
  29. Its not so dark after all.
  30. Web of the Spider Queen (4E)
  31. A Faerunian Tale (D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms)
  32. Looking for a Saturday Pathfinder or D&D game to join in Seattle
  33. Looking for a local Tabletop Requiem for Rome game
  34. Vengeance of the Scorned(Custom Campaign, Pass on DM)
  35. Casual NYC D&D 3.5 Group LFP for weekly Sat or Sun game
  36. Sith Apprentices
  37. Paint it Black (Star Wars D6)
  38. Custom DnD 3.5
  39. Fantasy Multiverse (D&D Custom rules)
  40. Online Google + TTF Marvel Heroic Avengers RPG
  41. Looking to get a Shadowrun 4th Ed game going in Los Angeles
  42. Planescape, Dungeon World Style
  43. Swordquest/The Ravenloft Files
  44. New Champions 6E Campaign in MD/DC/NoVA Area LFM
  45. D&D 4e: The New Mercs
  46. 2 players looking for d&d 4e group
  47. Hampton roads superheroic game: assessing interest
  48. Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (2E AD&D)
  49. Ian's Ptholus PFRPG
  50. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
  51. Bradford Gamers Society
  52. New-to-area GM seeks players for Sci-Fi/Fantasy game
  53. 4E Forgotten Realms : The Dusk Ports
  54. Steel Bridge: An alternet Reality
  55. Dark Conspiracy: First Contact at Dark Matter Games
  56. New Marvel Heroic Campaign
  57. Cormyr: A Nation Divided
  58. Eberron D&D 3.5
  59. Houston - Tx (Katy Area) looking for gamers!!!
  60. Sinner-Saints of Salt Lake City
  61. Blue Islands
  62. Deadlands-Savage Worlds
  63. D&D Next (5e) Playtest in San Antonio!
  64. D&D Next play test
  65. Vanilla Skype campaign?
  66. Ongoing Pathfinder Campaign
  67. DnD Next Playtest
  68. Dark Sun, 4e
  69. Indie rpg's
  70. D&D Next Playtest
  71. Fading Earths - A Cyberpunk Saga
  72. Scales of War
  73. 2013 GODLIKE Savage Worlds
  74. Looking for a GM/
  75. Pathfinders
  76. McKinney game group
  77. ((Turnhout/Antwerp)) An eye for an eye and/or The Gathering Storm
  78. Online Campaign of Post Apocalyptic Mayhem
  79. Looking to join online DnD game
  80. New Rolemaster, Google+ Hangout campaign.
  81. Does Anyone in Northern Utah Want to Play Test the New D&D Edition with Me?
  82. Online D&D 3.5 // Looking for a friendly DM!
  83. For the Glory of Rome
  84. Tales of the Inner Sea
  85. Banished
  86. New Pathfinder Campaign in Broomfield, CO
  87. Friday Night Pathfinder
  88. D&D 4e Scales of War Maptools/Skype (looking for players)
  89. The World Needs Heroes!
  90. Spearpoint
  91. The Jalmeray Expedition!-Currently looking for players!
  92. Playtest 5e!
  93. Skull Horn Society Home-Brewed Adnd2ed Style Skype/Text Game
  94. D&D Next playtest campaign
  95. Looking to play via skype
  96. World of the Wastes
  97. New Champions 6E Campaign LFM
  98. Weeknight Pathfinder game in the Akron, OH area?
  99. NEPA D&D Meetup's Minicon
  100. Sacred Swords
  101. Left to Die in the Disputed Lands.
  102. The Savage World of Sundered Skies
  103. Amastasia
  104. Delta Green: The Horror Beneath
  105. Django's Oasis
  106. Calinor
  107. MI - Shelby Township, Pathfinder campaign, looking for 5th player
  108. Earlville Shadowrunners
  109. Haledon NJ - Dark Heresy
  110. Pathfinder or D&D 3.5 or 4th ed. Bi-weekly Saturday Nights Looking For more players
  111. D&D
  112. CA, San Francisco/Bay Area - Player Wanted
  113. Online Campaign with ooVoo (free group chat)
  114. Looking to play online Tuesday/ Wednesday's.
  115. A Chamber Dragon's Prophecy
  116. online D&D 4e: paragon level: assault on nightwyrm fortress
  117. Rob's World!
  118. looking to start a game.
  119. The Grave is No Bar to my Call (LFP 1 or 2)
  120. Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords PbP/Maptools
  121. Haledon NJ - Battletech
  122. Siege of Iron Winds / The Students of Laudious Grey
  123. (Io University) World War Three - Fridays 9 PM ET
  124. The World's Largest Dungeon
  125. The Drow War
  126. A Light in the Darkness
  127. 7 Years and 7 Days
  128. Sedivore: The Awakening
  129. Rising Shadows
  130. Looking for new gaming group in tempe, south scottsdale, west mesa area!
  131. Interested in Call of Cthulhu online?
  132. Serpents Skull: Souls for Smugglers Shiv
  133. DnD in the Mancave
  134. The tales of Ankinar "Keep of the Infernum"
  135. (unofficial) Fantasy Grounds Online Convention 20th-22nd July 2012
  136. Fallout:Miami- A Forum RP
  137. Fallout:Miami- A Forum RP
  138. Honor & Deeds! THE WANDERING DRAGON!!!
  139. No specific name
  140. Pathfinder Online // Skype // Need DM & Players
  141. Online Group – Maptools+Skype – LF GM
  142. Intrigue in the Everworld
  143. Recruiting: D&D 4e Roll20 Playtest
  144. Old School Gamers
  145. Online Pathfinder Campaign: Goblins!
  146. Long Standing Saturday Group
  147. Godscorn (Pathfinder)
  148. New Vampire the Masquerade (V:tM) LARP starting in Dallas, TX!!!!
  149. IndiePlus Online Roleplay Convention
  150. Rod of Seven Parts
  151. AD&D Campaign Looking for members!
  152. Looking for gamer group in Tacoma, WA area
  153. gang busters pathfinder film noir meets pathfinder
  154. Ten Question Trivia Roleplaying Game
  155. Looking for more in Troy OH to pplay Mutants and masterminds 2ed.
  156. NA
  157. A Sprinkle of Fate and a Dash of Hate.
  158. Where to Start???????? Kansas City
  159. AD&D First Edition (CSIO/WIlderlands of High Fantasy) St. Louis/West County area
  160. Within the Dark
  161. Qin: The Warring States
  162. Friday Night Forgotten Realms - "Decades of Change"
  163. Fallen earth
  164. LFG Cape Cod or on-line Mage game
  165. Sword and Staff Adventuring Company
  166. Sword and Staff Adventuring Company
  167. Torchlight7- starting in SF bay area california.
  168. Badass dungeon crushers
  169. Undead Forever!
  170. Skull Horn Society(Recruiting) Ad&d2ed Home-Brewed
  171. After the Fall
  172. Indie Games (several up for offer)[Roll20, Friday 8pm EST, Bi-Weekly]
  173. Any Players/GMs in the Central Beaverton area?
  174. High Fantasy or World of Darkness
  175. Home Brew 3.5 D&D
  176. LFP - Cyberpunk 2020 - Connecticut
  177. 4e game that is a converted pathfinder module
  178. Forgotten Realms
  179. Kobold Hall
  180. The FEY QUEEN
  181. looking for people to start playing w/ either online or in person
  182. Carrion Crown
  183. Fun! and Playtesting...
  184. [FantasyCraft] Five Kingdoms (Looking for new regulars)
  185. Adventures in Blackmoor
  186. Dark Sun 4e
  187. Cry Havoc!
  188. looking for local group
  189. Slumbering Tsar
  190. Play-by-chat Amber game
  191. Dark Sun 4e Looking for More Players
  192. NW Houston Rappan Athuk
  193. Palladium/Nightbane Group: Pittsburgh PA
  194. Call of Cthulhu - Newbie Friendly One Shot Testing
  195. Vampire the Masquerade LARP & Online - Looking For Players
  196. Looking for people that want to play whatever is thrown their way
  197. Looking for people that want to play whatever is thrown their way
  198. Eclipse Phase
  199. Looking for a game in Northern VA
  200. Looking to expand our player pool
  201. Looking for RPG groups in Brighton
  202. Mutants & Masterminds en français - French
  203. Pathfinder Society in Fletcher, NC!!!
  204. Haven't thought of one yet.
  205. Get online now on the chat! Need 1 more for online 3.5 game!
  206. Amikus: The Guilds, Iron Heroes
  207. Star Wars Edge of the Empire beta group seeking players! (new Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight Games)
  208. Dark Sun 4.0
  209. Green Lantern Corps in The Aficionado of Extinction
  210. pathfinder or 4e in los angeles area
  211. Arat
  212. A simple task or two
  213. Uferan Heroes Playtest Campaign #2: The Search for the Armadeiridh (At Crossroad Games, Standish ME)
  214. New Rolemaster virtual tabletop campaign
  215. Indy Gamers - Earthdawn, Eclipse Phase, Traveler:2300AD
  216. D&D Next Eberron in Phoenix
  217. D&D 4e Campaign in SLC, Ut LFP
  218. Legends are Made, Not Born / Dungeon Crawl Game
  219. Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada
  220. Adventure in the Karbana Peninsula
  221. N/A as of yet
  222. Shadowrun: DarkWater Rising
  223. Old Wounds
  224. Puddle Jumpers
  225. Phoenix Flight
  226. Dark Agendas
  227. Star Wars Saga Edition
  228. One off Meet and game and then...Carrion Crown
  229. New Pathfinder Game in Sunny Las Vegas, NV!!!
  230. The Islands--Pirate-themed D&D 3.5
  231. Chaos 6010 - Shadows and Chrome
  232. Green Dragon Adventures RPG
  233. D&D 4th Addition
  234. Skull Horn Society(Recruiting) Ad&d2ed Home-Brewed
  235. Star Wars Revised - 49 years after the battle of Yavin.
  236. New Forgotten Realms Campaign Looking for Players (NW Garland / Dallas TX area)
  237. Enthusiastic 3.X/Pathfinder Players Looking for a Small Group or Duo Campaign
  238. Skulls & Shackles
  239. Shadowrun 4th Edition - Baytown, TX
  240. Epic Fantasy For Advanced Players. Freedom For Your Mind. Pathfinder Or GURPS. SoCal area.
  241. Solarem Actum 2312
  242. The Resistance Needs Members
  243. LF Virtual or Live game
  244. [LFP Sarasota, FL] Various games looking for players.
  245. The great Doomledur
  246. Green Dragon Adventures RPG invites you to a quick game!
  247. Rogue Trader campaign needs player/s
  248. Necropolis 2350-The Long Sleep
  249. Necropolis 2350-The Long Sleep
  250. After the End: All Roads Lead to Denton