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Adventures in Furniture Building

Eventually, the plan is to make gamer-friendly furniture (tables and such). Starting off with a few pictures of the learning process. The first few projects are carts for mounting woodworking tools that will enable me to make the better stuff.
  1. Sanding Table - Back 
The back of the completed unit.
  2. Sanding Table - Detail 
The right side of the sanding table, showing mounted power switch and the "fenders" that protect the casters.
  3. Sanding Table - Detail 
Closeup of the bottom shelf, for storing the rather heavy sanding guides.
  4. The finished Sanding Table 
The completed table with sturdy lower shelf for storing the sanding guides, partially visible on top of the mounted unit.
  5. A picture that shows the color of the woodstain the best. This is a mobile cart for mounting a planer. This table is made entirely by reusing old lumber.
  6. Back of the table. It's on wheels to allow mobility. This is a mobile cart for a planer.
  7. Front of the table. Here you can see the front wheels, which raise and lower. When lowered, the table rests on two rubber feet. To the left is the planer that will be mounted on this table (the blue...
  8. Table top view. Not bad for what amounts to three shelving boards. Behind it is the planer that will be mounted on this table (the blue thing). It's sitting currently on an unfinished second cart...
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