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Six Flags 2008

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We went on July 5th - me, my fiancee Tessa, her best friend Nikki, and our friend Tamara. We had a blast! (It sure as hell cost me enough!)
  1. Tamara - pissed at me for not leaving her alone and letting her go to sleep after Six Flags...
  2. Tessa - advertising Nikki...
  3. Nikki's son passed out after a hard day of trying to escape from Six Flags...
  4. Tessa and Nikki sharing a moment.
  5. Tessa - my baby!
  6. Nikki and Tessa, after Six Flags, passing out...
  7. I love that tower.
  8. Tessa wetting herself before we leave.
  9. Nikki wetting herself one last time before we leave.
  10. Another cool-looking picture.
  11. It's a tower!
  12. Nikki riding a horse. In the dark. I think.
  13. Tessa - looking hot.
  14. Me - looking goofy.
  15. I just thought this looked cool.
  16. Tamara in a big chair.
  17. The girls in a big chair - and they all fit!
  18. Nikki freaking a coffin...
  19. Tessa in a really big chair.
  20. Nikki in a really big chair.
  21. Nikki posing with the Green Lantern. She fell in love with him later, and they had weird green kids...
  22. Nikki's son plotting...
  23. Nikki's son getting wet.
  24. Nikki's son trying to escape...
  25. Tessa putting Tamara into the Gunslinger.
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