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First Emerald City Gamefest

First Emerald City Gamefest in 2005. :-D It was a serious blast.
  1. Even MORE gaming...
  2. more gaming...
  3. gaming...
  4. More Trent GMing...
  5. more playing again additionally...
  6. Trent GMing.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jon Reiner stage left!
  8. Keep Playing!
  9. Playing...
  10. How many dice are in the jar?
  11. More people playing!
  12. People playing!  Hi Ed and Laura!
  13. OK.  This is getting ridiculous!
  14. Some MORE Swag!!
  15. More more more!!!  Swag.
  16. Lots of Free Swag!
  17. More Free Swag!
  18. Free Swag!
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