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Prototype Custom GM screen

The purpose of this project is to create a universal GM screen of higher quality, durability, and usefulness than what's currently available on the market. Eventually there will be pictures of a finished prototype or three. :-) Finished versions will be made up of 3-4 panels. There will be a 12" high model ("Portrait" variant) and a 9" high model ("Landscape" variant). All panels will be 12" wide.
  1. GM Screen Panel with corkboard insert facing players.
  2. First prototype panel for the GM-facing corkboard. The prototype is 12" high by 15" wide. The production model panel will only be 12" wide. There's a frame around the corkboard panel, but it didn't...
  3. Two panels of the 4 panel screen prototype. This will be panels 2 and 4 (left to right). The prototype is larger than the final product will be.
  4. The back of a full-sized "portrait" configuration screen. 15" wide x 12" tall. (production screen will only have 12" wide panels.
  5. Variant panel corner A (facing players)
  6. Second variant corner (B), with a frame around the outer perimeter
  7. Original concept of corner (facing players) with no visible seems. Corners facing the GM look like the variant corner A
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