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CaesarCon 2009

My friend put together a mini-convention at another friends house. Good times.
  1. Age of Worms session Sunday morning 3/8/09. Our heroes valiantly run from the monster.
  2. Age of Worms session Sunday morning 3/8/09. Scott Wakefield and DJ Stevenson with the back of Laura McPike's head.
  3. Matt McPike DMing Age of Worms Sunday morning 3/8/09
  4. Star Warriors game in full swing Saturday 3/7/09, evening session
  5. A-Wings vs. TIE Interceptors in the Star Warriors session - evening of Saturday 3/7/09.
  6. Rebel Scum: Snyder, Laura McPike, and Scott Wakefield plot their moves. They played against Adam Frager, Steve Walkup, and myself. Evening session 3/7/09.
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