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GenCon 2009

  1. Jason Bulmahn running a Pathfinder Game at the Paizo booth.
  2. An interesting die from Game Science that can basically role all of the dice in your gaming arsenal and a few that you probably don't have.
  3. Costumes Galore.  This was one of the first people I came across in costume.  Very well done, I might add.
  4. Champions Online Lookalikes.
  5. New Hotness at the Sony Booth
  6. The Dwarven Forge Booth
  7. The Wizards of the Coast Booth
  8. The Margaret Weist Productions Booth
  9. White Wolf Booth
  10. White Wolf Booth
  11. White Wolf Booth
  12. And this is what the Paizo booth looked like mere minutes after the Exhibit Hall opened to everyone else.
  13. GenCon allowed VIGs (those who had paid $500 for the privilege) early access to the Exhibit Hall.  This is what the Paizo booth looked like fourty five minutes before they opened the doors to...
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