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Fun Pictures

Fun pictures over the years.
  1. Staci (my girlfriend and one of my players) and me
  2. Me and my boys. Draven on the right is one of my players.
  3. Goin' out! 007 style. LOL
  4. Girl with killer body. Worth standin in line to get a pic. ;)
  5. Beautiful lady with boobs to die for!
  6. Girl with a great body and awesome hair!
  7. I'm a man of quality, so I had to check out the local art. (body art)
  8. Hot girls walkin down the street. Had to say hi.
  9. Like I said "Great boobs." Anything to get them closer. he he he
  10. Hot girl at street vibrations!
  11. What can I say?... I love biker chicks.
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