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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    Today, 12:00 AM
    Check out this new article from the Daily Illuminator that Steve Jackson Games posted: April 27, 2015: Munchkin Zombies Deluxe Shambles Into Your FLGS You've seen it in Barnes & Noble stores, but in early May you'll be able to get it at your friendly local gaming store! Munchkin Zombies...
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  • RitePublishing's Avatar
    Today, 12:29 PM
    Fifth Edition Done Rite! You must rescue your city’s ambassador from a city overrun by the Hungering Legion, a militant group of cannibalistic demon worshiping cultists. This glacier carved city is lost, there is no saving it, now you must make the hard choices of who to save and who to leave...
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  • Zus's Avatar
    Today, 07:05 PM
    Derim's actions (saves for 3 and saves and actions for 4): Free: Nature's Wrath (mark all adjacent) Standard: Weight of Earth (the target is slowed until the end of your next turn.) Immediate (triggered by marked enemy attacking ally): Warden's Fury (the target grants combat advantage to you...
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  • Hyper-Man's Avatar
    Today, 04:44 PM
    HERO System is what I have spent at least 90% of my gaming budget on since entering the hobby in 83. I miss the George Perez cover art of the 4e days but the current 6e/Champions Complete/Fantasy Hero Complete rules are my favorite.
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  • DMMike's Avatar
    Today, 12:08 PM
    This poll never ends, does it? You know, D&D has some modern weapon examples, and one of their bloggers just posted modern armor rules. ;) I happen to like these generic, yet somewhat biased toward fantasy, rules:
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  • Umiushi's Avatar
    Today, 04:37 AM
    This post complements the eighty-ninth Worm Delve main post. The OOC player posting period is now open. The next OOC main post will appear at a time to be announced in the future. Continue to post on the OOC thread for any game-related activity and discussion. I ask that players hold onto...
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  • Umiushi's Avatar
    Today, 04:25 AM
    Umiushi replied to a thread Worm Delve in The Unquiet Lands
    This is the eighty-ninth main post for Worm Delve. The next main post will appear at a time to be announced in the future. This thread is presently closed. I ask that players hold onto their narrative posts for the next few days. Continue to post on the OOC thread for any game-related...
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  • Umiushi's Avatar
    Today, 04:18 AM
    General Discussion is presently closed. For now, please use the Question and Answers thread for any questions pertaining to the sub-forum at this time.
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