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  • falinxelote's Avatar
    Today, 07:24 AM
    So I designed a game of pathfinder that was to have 2-4 players. Thus it was designed to spend quite a bit of time with each players own story line. Well I'm a victim of my own success I guess, I have 8 players. So I have decided to rush the Pathfinders game to a close. Then start a game that is...
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:23 PM
    PnP News Bot started a thread [Kobold Quarterly] Monarch of the Monsters 5 Update in News
    Originally posted on 03-02-2015 08:17 PM at Hello, folks! I just wanted to let you know that the judges have all the entries and are currently going over them to pick out the finalists. I hope to post them this week (maybe even starting tonight!), with a poll at the end of...
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    Today, 01:00 AM
    Check out this new article from the Daily Illuminator that Steve Jackson Games posted: March 3, 2015: Interview With Denis Loubet, The First Artist Hired At Steve Jackson Games With the 35th anniversary of Steve Jackson Games just around the corner, I thought it'd be a great time to...
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    Today, 01:10 PM
    Originally posted on 03-03-2015 02:01 AM at With both trepidation and excitement, our judges evaluated the multitude of monsters they received for this contest. Now you too may see an unedited sampling of the creative entries we received as a part of the fifth monster...
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  • falinxelote's Avatar
    Today, 11:28 AM
    Interesting idea, not really that applicable in this game but very interesting. I'm using a different set of PC races in StarQuake and with elf, dwarf, gnome, and halfling being part of the party that kinda shoots the idea down. But I like it that could be a nifty way of doing things in another...
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  • bountytaker's Avatar
    Today, 09:56 AM
    This is a bit outside the box, but, what if you allowed your players to incorporate their old character into the background of the new one they're creating. For example, their new character might be the great, great, great, great grandchild of the barbarian they were playing in the game that's...
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  • falinxelote's Avatar
    Today, 09:31 AM
    Yeah Quake series was part of my inspiration.
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  • DMMike's Avatar
    Today, 09:19 AM
    First game crashed for various reasons. I'll run another one for any diehard Skyrim fans with the following solutions: - Game time determined by whole group, I guess weeknights are possible too. - Roleplaying/combat blend is flexible, but the default (at least in Skyrim) is 75% combat. -...
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  • DMMike's Avatar
    Today, 09:06 AM
    1) Require them to watch your favorite sci-fi movie before the game starts, and be sure to give them a sizeable chunk of fiction to read based in your campaign setting. 2) Just go ahead and lose players, since that's why you're starting a new game anyway. 3) Star-Quake sounds cool to me, but...
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  • JohnTheAussie's Avatar
    Today, 06:58 AM
    JohnTheAussie replied to a discussion Chap .5b [Orric at the Isle] in group The Seekers
    Orric smiles at Malvok "You always manage to answer everything before I ask. Otherwise I trust what I need to know is within this scroll tube". Orric stops before exiting out the doors "Paul and Captian Ene may be a complication..." looking back over his shoulder "I hope this doesn't get...
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  • Malk0lm's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:45 PM
    Malk0lm replied to a thread Worm Delve in The Unquiet Lands
    "Somehow I figured you'd be the type to finish prematurely even in your wildest dreams." Nox lets his lip curl into a sneer of distaste." Let's hope those inscriptions are of a magical nature, the mundaneness of this realm is starting to irritate me."
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