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  • andi598d's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:52 PM
    Due to real life, I am looking to fill out a few spots in a gaming group meeting every other week, Saturdays, at Games & Gizmos in Redmond. We are currently between campaigns, so this is an ideal time to bring in new players. Please contact me by PM or posting in this thread if interested.
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  • vspieles's Avatar
    09-03-2015, 10:30 PM
    I'm looking to run a once a month sci fi or cyberpunk game session that is not a campaign, but is more 1-2 game sessions adventures/missions. Something that allows players to make new characters whenever they feel like and build them quickly. Something plays and feels more like a good comic book...
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  • Max_Writer's Avatar
    09-03-2015, 07:10 PM
    Max_Writer replied to a thread Role Playing Journals in Off Topic
    We finally return to Jazz Age Call of Cthulhu with a continuation of the Providence Campaign. With the beginning of the fall semester, I started the 1920s Providence, R.I. Campaign I began some time ago. It has been two months since the investigators, along with Quincy Washington, returned...
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  • Max_Writer's Avatar
    09-03-2015, 07:08 PM
    We finally return to Jazz Age Call of Cthulhu with a continuation of the Providence Campaign. With the beginning of the fall semester, I started the 1920s Providence, R.I. Campaign I began some time ago. It has been two months since the investigators, along with Quincy Washington, returned from...
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  • BlueCloud2k2's Avatar
    09-03-2015, 01:10 PM
    Okay, there is a pretty good chance my homebrew idea is not gonna work, would anyone have a problem with running an adventure path?
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  • BlueCloud2k2's Avatar
    09-01-2015, 11:46 PM
    I'll PM you with my skype info.
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  • Warchylde's Avatar
    09-01-2015, 10:23 PM
    That particular run drifted to obscurity. But, as luck would have it, I have been reacquainting myself with the 5e rules and I believe I would like to run the soon to be on the shelves Out of the Abyss adventure path. I haven't started my recruiting for a new group yet, but if you and your fiancé...
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  • Oregon1994's Avatar
    09-01-2015, 05:39 PM
    Hi there, I'd love to join. A friend told me from another chat that i't might be a good idea. what time would be good to set this up? Cheers!
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  • Optimusnorm's Avatar
    09-01-2015, 12:10 PM
    As usual it depends on the D&D world and the GM and Players more than anything else. Also, if you survive in the right career in WFRPG you will be quite substantially above average with the system's 'grit'. Look up Giant Slayers, Assassins or the like...some of them are truly frightening in the...
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  • thornmane's Avatar
    09-01-2015, 11:13 AM
    Hi to all you dice-rollers, I'm looking to start a regular gaming group, hopefully meeting about every two weeks or so to keep the story going. I can GM with quite a bit of experience over the years and I'm looking for 3-5 players that can attend regularly. My GMing style is to go for...
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  • Optimusnorm's Avatar
    09-01-2015, 09:55 AM
    Well if it's about rules as written we can find huge flaws in every single system out there can't we? No serious gamer plays RPGs with a blind, near religious devotion to rules - and nearly every RPG I have read states rules are guides and can and should be changed to suit every group's style. ...
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  • Optimusnorm's Avatar
    09-01-2015, 09:52 AM
    As far as I know most games are in English and mostly among the various nationalities comprising the expatriate workers here. We do have a good number of locals including nationals from other Gulf states but as most groups are mixed English tends to be the gaming language. My own regular group...
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  • jpatterson's Avatar
    08-31-2015, 11:03 PM
    This is true, and incorporating immediate events and environment and "props" into description, for both player and GM, can really spice things up and breathe life into a combat, action or even investigation scene. I always encourage my players to include details even if I didn't mention them, if...
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  • bigjawhite's Avatar
    08-31-2015, 10:44 PM
    Jeff: I'm running 5e Princes of the Apocalypse. Our first game was yesterday. Next game is sunday, 9.13, 2pm. If you're interested, email me. Bigjawhite at yahoo dot com. John
    2 replies | 208 view(s)
  • nijineko's Avatar
    08-31-2015, 10:10 PM
    nijineko replied to a thread Brit in Abu Dhabi in Introductions
    welcome. please invite those you know to join us along side of you. feel free to ask us lots of questions. =D
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    08-31-2015, 10:08 PM
    nijineko replied to a thread Hullo all! in Introductions
    welcome. please ask us as many questions as you like!
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  • Jcosby's Avatar
    08-31-2015, 04:06 PM
    Bigjawhite, you still looking for players? I'm a 40+ as well and new to the Westside.. (Playa Vista), looking for a game to play/DM. D&D of some flavor, although I prefer 3.5/Pathfinder. Thanks Jeff
    2 replies | 208 view(s)
  • nijineko's Avatar
    08-31-2015, 02:17 PM
    storytellers need to be able to think to themselves, "i am your density..."
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  • Skunkape's Avatar
    08-31-2015, 09:46 AM
    Skunkape replied to a thread Brit in Abu Dhabi in Introductions
    Welcome to the forum. Nice to meet you!
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  • RiTz21's Avatar
    08-31-2015, 08:33 AM
    TOS+ v5.123 is now available! It adds the Mythic feats from the Mythic Adventures book. Check out the release notes for all the details of this new update. Happy Gaming!
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  • cplmac's Avatar
    08-30-2015, 09:52 PM
    cplmac replied to a thread Brit in Abu Dhabi in Introductions
    Ah yes, the Persian Gulf region. And to think back on that is where I first played in an RPG in 1991 during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    08-30-2015, 09:30 PM
    From a layman's perspective, based on the conversation so far, it would seem that the only essential difference between wfrp, and something like d&d, is the "high" fantasy. Wfrp sounds like it aims for a more gritty realistic fantasy: it starts you off as an average Joe, and finishes as a somewhat...
    14 replies | 2904 view(s)
  • jpatterson's Avatar
    08-30-2015, 09:25 PM
    You can always do lots of things to change rules or ignore rules or make houserules or only vaguely reference them occasionally, with any game, of course. Thie topic is about the rules-as-written and where they seem to me to be fundamentlally flawed in most cases. Of course like anything else it is...
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  • jpatterson's Avatar
    08-30-2015, 07:25 PM
    jpatterson replied to a thread Brit in Abu Dhabi in Introductions
    Awesome to hear from someone there! Does it tend to be very inter-cultural there or is it cliques, both game and language-wise? Like, does your community have various people in it or languages, or is it English only, etc? It's rare to hear about gaming from places so little known.
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  • Redcloud111's Avatar
    08-30-2015, 06:53 AM
    I'm looking for players to join a weekly Tues evening game. We'll begin at first level with custom characters. If you'd like to join, roll up a character and send me your idea. This will be a sandbox-style game, meaning I'll be as flexible as possible with pursing extemporaneous narrative elements...
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  • Optimusnorm's Avatar
    08-30-2015, 02:08 AM
    The game doesn't claim to be classless, and clearly states there are careers. Since it's randomly rolled initially and you can (if you are playing realistically) only change into careers that you do in-game) it's hardly overwhelming. Comparing it to D&D is like comparing an Apple with a Melon. They...
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  • Optimusnorm's Avatar
    08-30-2015, 01:10 AM
    Hello folks, I'm a British chap based in sunny and painfully hot Abu Dhabi. We have a vibrant gaming community here with both locals and expatriates. There's something to suit everyone. If anyone is in the region and looking to game please feel free to get in touch. We have groups in Dubai,...
    5 replies | 100 view(s)
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