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  • Narayan's Avatar
    Today, 01:16 AM
    Purusartha: {Exchanges another look with Palenrian} -speaks to Zhānrén- "His name is Xiaolong, he's in his sixties, a former monk..." Zhānrén: {Appears to weaken and sits again} "Where is he?" Purusartha: "He's downstairs in Wrusk's hidden cellar. We are using it as a safehouse. The others...
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  • Ice Hawk's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:45 PM
    Ice Hawk replied to a discussion General Discussion, Vol. 2 in group Star Wars: Tapestry
    Have fun on your mysterious week IJ. I don't suppose you've heard from Fingon have you DC?
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  • Metroknight's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:38 PM
    Metroknight started a thread Html5 is broken in Feedback
    I'm getting an error when trying to connect to the chat through the html5 login. I've experienced it with my tablet and doubled checked it with my laptop. This is on various networks also. I normally use flash on my laptop but the html5 is the only option with my tablet....
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  • DMMike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:27 PM
    Now you're talking. Even bad ideas can become good ones. If the PCs are starting at low level, the first NPC you'll need is their trainer: the aging fighter/champion who has retired from adventuring, but is happy to share his knowledge about kicking butt with the PCs. They'll need his advice...
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:41 PM
    PnP News Bot started a thread [Kobold Quarterly] Collection of Curiosities: The Gazebo in News
    Originally posted on 08-20-2014 06:34 PM at A gazebo is a curiosity of sorts, and some seek to assign more danger to it than might exist. Why not you? Or perhaps go for frivolous fun. The options are many. You can roll randomly for a result below, use the handy number...
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  • DMMike's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:36 PM
    I have a great new roleplaying game that is begging for a campaign! Let me start with the RPG: Modos RPG is a light rule system that lets players be highly creative with their characters. You use everything from a d4 to a d20, although you can choose to not roll if you'd like a safe result! ...
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  • Narayan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:36 PM
    Rol: {Looks disappointed and distraught} -Speaks to Burrai- "Who are you calling a kid?! I may not be a warrior, but we don't appear that different in age. I'd appreciate a little more respect!" {Huffs} "So your plan is just to hole me up in some somewhere out in the hills, a place you intimate...
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  • Captain America's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:44 PM
    Is this still a game?
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  • Captain America's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:20 PM
    Captain America replied to a thread PA gamer in Introductions
    Yes Mike, Green Ronin, who put out Legend of the 5 Rings (another great game), also did the EXCELLENT D6 version of SoIF. And thanks! Will have to look at those.
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  • Simon W's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:11 PM
    Here's Chris Harpers wonderful new map of The Crimson Lands:
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  • falinxelote's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:36 PM
    I'm a little surprised more folks haven't heard of Alternity. it is a great system that everyone I've played with or have spoken to who played liked. I'm thinking about dusting off the old books and getting a game going. The settings were great.
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  • Azbotti's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:05 PM
    it happened that i came across an alternate lore line for Warhammer 40K and its games it had potential and even fit well into the general guidlines of the rules but several things would have to be modified from the story to the game itself for i like Rogue Trader out of everything ive seen of...
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  • erikscottdebie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:33 AM
    Thanks Matt! My Kickstarter needs to raise $10k more going into its final 10 days. And one of the Red Aegis artists, Claudio Pozas, did a couple of prints that I'm going to reveal soon! Come back me--I really appreciate it. :) Cheers, Erik
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  • Matt James's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:42 AM
    One of my favorite games. Rich Baker and Bruce Cordell worked on it.
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  • Matt James's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:41 AM
    Thread moved to a more appropriate forum.
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  • Matt James's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:33 AM
    One of our Special Guests, and a great advocate for gaming in the community, is currently running a Kickstarter for his newest project. Please take a look and consider supporting it.
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  • Zemile's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:22 AM
    Kromedon BroadbeardKromedon did not answer right away, and may or may not have been about to say something when the conversation takes a turn for the were-d. "Your father is a were-bull? Never in my wildest dreams could I have expected such a thing. As for Ivar, I am content to let the matter...
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  • frin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:53 AM
    As every coin has two sides, making this the situation with each and every aspect in our life - having both pros and cons. With regards to playing games online, there were different opinions from people around the world, rooting with either the positive side or the pessimistic of it. In the...
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  • frin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:47 AM
    frin commented on article D&D 5th Edition Unboxing in News
    I like this it was great videos Frin ||| Fivr
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  • Narayan's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:35 AM
    Ania: -Replies to Ersun-​ "Don't misunderstand. I'm not trying to say you aren't worth protecting, it's just hard to know how to protect you when we don't know why Crusher's after you? Crusher has people everywhere. Informants, spies, assassins, ...secret allies! If we know what he wants from you,...
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  • Midnight's Avatar
    08-19-2014, 11:24 PM
    Solena recognizes the stylized sunbeams as the holy symbol of Tyaan, an ancient, good-aligned god of the sun, worshiped very little now. Some believe him to be a representation of Pelor. Jackson recognizes the vulture-headed horrors as some sort of demon but can't place them specifically. The...
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  • Siwyenbast's Avatar
    08-19-2014, 11:07 PM
    Oh I do already visit the chatroom on occasion. :) My fave genre to read and write in is the Sci-Fi/Fantasy one (with superheroes getting a good chunk of my written short stories).
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  • MonkPlayer's Avatar
    08-19-2014, 09:41 PM
    Hey Gamers! I'm in the beginning creating phase for my second "Pathfinder (PF) Homebrew" game which will be set in the PF Inner Sea Region. The first PF Homebrew I GMed lasted 15 months and the gamers went from 1st level to 12th/3Mythic tier and we played 48 sessions. NOTE: I use all 3D terrain...
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  • Nightfalcon's Avatar
    08-19-2014, 08:40 PM
    PS - I think you left a word out of "I look down well." I was quoting a player. Really. Trust me. Would I lie to you?
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  • DMMike's Avatar
    08-19-2014, 08:31 PM
    I am thrilled to announce that version 1.21 of my sharebrewed game, Modos RPG, is now available for your roleplaying pleasure! Lots of other great games out there, so why should you try this one? It's free! Which means that all you have to do to get it is click a few buttons. It...
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  • DMMike's Avatar
    08-19-2014, 08:03 PM
    Writing homebrews is lots of fun! Writing -good- homebrews is lots of work! I'm talking about homebrewed RPG rules, so I'll have to give you a completely different response if you were referring to homebrewed adventures or settings. Do as much playtesting as possible, to make sure that...
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  • Songtress's Avatar
    08-19-2014, 08:00 PM
    Songtress replied to a thread Hear me ROAR! in Introductions
    You shouldn't be flogged, but you should at least get familiar with them.
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    08-19-2014, 08:00 PM
    PnP News Bot started a thread [Kobold Quarterly] Gen Con 2014: Images from the Convention in News
    Originally posted on 08-19-2014 07:55 PM at Gen Con 2014 was a blast, and the Kobolds had a wonderful and fun time at it. Take a peek at some of the photos that our Kobolds took so that you can get a taste of what happened at the convention—from a Kobold’s standpoint. ...
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  • Lazarus's Avatar
    08-19-2014, 05:48 PM
    Short answer is, with a Novice level PC and the standard rules, you can't. Even if you really loaded up on the Hinderances, you couldn't start with more than three Powers. I'm not a Supers guy, so I don't have any of the Supers settings books, I would imagine there are additional rules in those...
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