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  • Pepsi Twist's Avatar
    11-19-2014, 05:48 PM
    Nemesis stands in front of the door at the address on his letter. After being promised TV exposure and a chance to compete for a world title against high caliber opponents, he'd flown over to merry ol' England (at great expense, since the plane ticket they sent him was for a flight from...
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    11-19-2014, 09:00 PM
    PnP News Bot started a thread [Kobold Quarterly] Collections of Curiosities: The Beggar’s Cap in News
    Originally posted on 11-19-2014 08:58 PM at You might see those less fortunate than you everywhere in the next town you visit, or there might be only one beggar calling for alms. If, for some reason, the characters take a look into a beggar’s cap, there might be more in there...
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  • BKr0n's Avatar
    11-23-2014, 06:00 PM
    I'm looking to start a group or join a group for WoD. Right off the bat I'll say that this will be my first game. However, I do have SOME experience in table top RPGs (used to play a lot of D&D 3.5 and d10 is a lot less complicated). Of course need a story teller and at least one seasoned vet...
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    11-20-2014, 03:32 PM
    PnP News Bot started a thread [Kobold Quarterly] Blessings and Curses: A d20 Narrative Mechanic in News
    Originally posted on 11-20-2014 03:29 PM at Inspired by the wild die mechanic of the D6 system, and Fantasy Flight’s narrative dice, GMs and players can incorporate their own narrative dice into d20 games, granting GM and player actions with blessings and curses. Here’s how:...
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    11-23-2014, 01:13 AM
    Check out this new article from the Daily Illuminator that Steve Jackson Games posted: November 23, 2014: To Read More About R. A. Montgomery, Turn To Page 23. Fnord. Raymond A. Montgomery, creator of the Choose Your Own Adventure series of children's books, passed away on November 9, 2014....
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    11-21-2014, 02:06 AM
    PnP News Bot started a thread [Kobold Quarterly] Book Review: Reign of Stars by Tim Pratt in News
    Originally posted on 11-21-2014 02:01 AM at Alaeron is a killer—or at least he was. He’s not your normal stone-cold killer type, but more the “I caused the death of a very powerful captain of the Technic League in the mysterious and treacherous land of Numeria” kind of...
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  • RitePublishing's Avatar
    11-19-2014, 01:21 PM
    Have your Spells Handy! Rite Publishing and Perram’s Spellbook bring you 200+ Magus Spell Cards from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, and Ultimate Magic. Now you don’t have to hunt through a book, search a website, or print a pdf page every time your...
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  • Stalos's Avatar
    11-23-2014, 09:48 PM
    Name says it all. We are looking for 1 to 2 more players for a new pathfinder game. We would like to start around Dec 6th. We will be playing weekly on Saturdays at noon. The game will be set in a homebrew setting, and the theme of the game is going to be close to the Gentleman Bastard series....
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  • Simon W's Avatar
    11-21-2014, 03:25 PM
    Simon W started a thread LULU sale in Beyond Belief Games
    Today through November 24, get 30% off all softcover books with code FLASH30 and 50% off all hardcover books with code HC50
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    11-21-2014, 01:06 AM
    Check out this new article from the Daily Illuminator that Steve Jackson Games posted: November 21, 2014: The Daily Illuminator, Sam Kieth, Mike Mignola, June Lockhart, And Me When I was asked to write about my experiences with the Daily Illuminator my very first thought was: "The Daily...
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:01 AM
    Originally posted on 11-24-2014 08:00 AM at The kobold warrens will be closed from Tuesday, November 25th, through Sunday, November 30th. No signs of life will be seen: no shipments of books, shirts, patches, scraps of cloth, rusty gears or dead gnomes will travel in or out...
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  • dmccoy1693's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:55 PM
    This year, we at Jon Brazer Enterprises are happy bring you our Black Friday Sale for 10 Full Days. Whether you are playing Pathfinder, Traveller, 13th Age, or Legend, there is something here for you. Pathfinder GM’s can download anything in our Book of Beasts line or players can snag...
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:31 PM
    PnP News Bot started a thread [Kobold Quarterly] Monster Mondays: The Eyeless Horror in News
    Originally posted on 11-24-2014 01:29 PM at A vaguely humanoid figure in tattered robes floats in the air. Its legs are splitting into a tangle of tentacles hanging just a few inches above the ground. The creature’s skeletal head turns around as if scanning nearby...
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    Today, 02:21 PM
    PnP News Bot started a thread [Kobold Quarterly] Building a Better Nemesis in News
    Originally posted on 11-25-2014 02:12 PM at “Wits and swords are as straws against the wisdom of the Darkness…” —Robert E. Howard, “The Phoenix on the Sword” When it comes to roleplaying games (as with any engaging drama), conflict is king. An adventurer is nothing...
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  • Malachi57's Avatar
    Today, 09:03 PM
    Starting up a new campaign. I have a definite 1 player, but will need at least two more at the very least to make the adventure work. 4 to 6 players would be ideal. I can host, but if anyone who joins has a place which can accommodate the group I'm willing to travel as well. I wouldn't mind...
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  • fmitchell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:54 PM
    (from "The Analytical Language of John Wilkins" by Jorge Luis Borges.) Nothing bores me more than long lists of things, unless they're funny. (See above.) So anyone who expects a detailed and insightful review of a Monster Manual for Monte Cook's The Strange may as well Abandon All Hope, as...
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  • jpatterson's Avatar
    Today, 08:10 PM
    The faux Norwegian looks up to see Robson lightly bouncing from the ropes as a prelude to his fairly solid legdrop followup move, but the warrior kips up to his feet and charges in, surprising the trucker by leaping into the air and encircling his head with an arm, adding a liberal handful of hair...
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  • Pepsi Twist's Avatar
    Today, 06:37 PM
    Leg drop Athletic -2 Untrained -4 D6 damage -1 Add weight mod to damage -1 Prone self +1 Req prone target +1 Stunning: self if missed +1 Total -5
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  • ak47's Avatar
    Today, 06:19 PM
    bump game info was edited to show more up to date information.
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  • Malk0lm's Avatar
    Today, 05:35 PM
    Nox will keep with the magic feeling and either walk 2nd or 3rd in the column. Close enough to tell Rogur/Derim about any strangeness with the magic.
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  • Zus's Avatar
    Today, 04:47 PM
    Zus replied to a thread Worm Delve in The Unquiet Lands
    Derim stops frozen in his tracks, tense, eyes locked on the darkness ahead. His head leaning slightly towards Rogur for a brief moment, he let's out a whisper: "You think we can bribe it with some lubricant?" Without another word, Derim continues down the path.
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  • DMMike's Avatar
    Today, 03:05 PM
    The first monster is in the revamped bestiary. He’s a scary one: the musician! Artist, musician, level 1 Attributes: P 8, M 10, MP 13 Skills: persuade 2 (1), profession (artist) 4 (0) Perks: specialize (artist) Gear: guitar, guitar case, harmonica, Swiss army knife d4 Concept:A street...
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  • DMMike's Avatar
    Today, 03:02 PM
    Well get to work! I'll be rallying the troops soon, since I have a few other bites. If I can't get a regular thing going, maybe a one-day game-a-thon will suffice for now?
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  • jpatterson's Avatar
    Today, 01:48 PM
    Sorry yes its a hair pull into a flying mare. I forgot to clarify that! =)
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  • Palpatim's Avatar
    Today, 10:09 AM
    So, back into marching order and on across the bridge then. Rogur will return the everburning torch to Yrisz, and proceed with his sword out, one hand free.
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  • Pepsi Twist's Avatar
    Today, 08:32 AM
    You always get the bonus for whichever you're using for the move, as well as a minus for repetition. is this move illegal though??
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  • Zus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:38 PM
    Noooo, I can't find it... I thought I had said it, but I wrote it and never posted it... omg! I thought I said it and it was ignored out of sheer retardedness of the idea, but as soon as there was a sensation of strong current of magic, I would have suggested to turn sideways, because that spot...
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  • Zus's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:25 PM
    DUDE I SAID IT :D I totally said sideways.
    289 replies | 6153 view(s)
  • jpatterson's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:20 PM
    (You'll probably need to track the Fatigue since you're the one rolling the dice) Okay man, stand back, I'm about to blow your mind. BOOM! The Wild World Wrestling Move Generator! get a random custom or stock move! So my move...
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  • falinxelote's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:33 AM
    This setting is still being developed and I'm considering making it a setting for the system I have been developing. The two should complement each other well both are high magic including tech and alternate forms of power. I think it might be cool to have galactic summoners who call great space...
    4 replies | 128 view(s)
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