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  • magic-rhyme's Avatar
    Today, 06:48 AM
    I have been running sandbox style campaigns since before the term existed, so I can identify. While there may be some game masters so poorly skilled as to use fate as a form of railroading, there are many, many skilled game masters who have used it and continue to use it as part of the sandbox...
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  • magic-rhyme's Avatar
    Today, 06:11 AM
    Fate is a palpable universal force in the Narnia Chronicles and in Lord of the Rings, two of the greatest literary fantasies of the modern English-speaking world. Neither Lewis nor Tolkien were writing about chaos theory, about the sum total of choices, or anything of the sort. They were writing...
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  • Hillsy's Avatar
    Today, 05:18 AM
    Burrai growls under his breath. "No chance now they think we're asleep. Help me Elloral, we wont have long before they realise they can't draw us out. Hurry." He glances at the door; the chair he wedged beneath the struts still holds firm. No one yet has tested the heavy latches locking the wooden...
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  • Narayan's Avatar
    Today, 01:52 AM
    Your potion heals Palenrian 11 damage, and seems to do him much good as the worst of his wounds stop bleeding. However, the Vulkyrie's horn and the great BOOM at the bottom of the dungeon has ensured the alarm has been raised. You see several more Vulkyrie appear as silhouettes and shadows in some...
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  • Umiushi's Avatar
    Today, 01:43 AM
    Kanna was one of my sample PCs for the two other Touhou-based rpgs that I've looked at, and her appearance, equipment, and nature are briefly described elsewhere in this blog. These are her stats for FEW. Koniwa Kanna Eager New Storm Cloud Class: Primal Striker Race: Weather Apparition...
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  • cloa513's Avatar
    Today, 01:14 AM
    I am teaching some Japanese families English. For the adult learners, I made a simple board game with a little RPG element. They have little experience of fantasy or board games- they didn't know monopoly. I teach them twice a month. My material expense -fortunately I have a lot of books and...
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  • Umiushi's Avatar
    Today, 12:15 AM
    "I'm not letting you give up, even if the difference in our power brings you despair," Remilia Scarlet, Silent Sinner in Blue, "Chapter 16: A Map From an Old Friend" Spell Signs A spell's "sign" corresponds to the style of magic it represents. While just about any maneuver can be encoded into...
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  • PnP News Bot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:10 PM
    PnP News Bot started a thread [D&D] Making the DM’s Job Easy in News
    Check out this new article Wizards of the Coast posted recently: Making the DM’s Job Easy Mike talks about how D&D Next makes adventure design easier in this week’s Legends & Lore.
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  • nijineko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:37 PM
    ah, well. i was serious, and i meant what i said. nor does my statement in any way invalidate most genres of game play. (see below) if you will indulge me in explaining a bit? fate in real life really is nothing more than chaos theory. nothing mysterious, religious, or philosophical about it....
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  • oldshool_newbie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:35 PM
    Hey: Thank you everyone for all the great responses. It took me awhile to look through everything. I've downloaded and printed basic fantasy and swords & wizardry complete rulebook. I'll read those both over, but S&W looks most interesting to me. Simple and straight forward but with more...
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  • Scirocco's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:18 PM
    That's fine, I don't mind it, we're just trying to get something for the summer to be honest. I have looked at their site, but I'm not particularly sure on how the site works to ask about it. I'm also not a U of I student, but the other player is. I don't really think I'm interested in...
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  • Foofaraw's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:22 PM
    Hello, I would be interested, but I'm probably moving in a couple months. If that's not a problem, great! Another resource is It is the UofI's roleplaying RSO, but they have loads of folks not actually going to the university that join in on games. They typically meet in the...
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  • James Hamrick III's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:49 PM
    There are two of us looking to build a group of like minded individuals. We are looking for role players not roll players, people who enjoy their character and their character matters. If this sounds like you then please contact me on here or at We play all kinds of...
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  • Sneaksta's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:39 PM
    Nice post, Mythus. I enjoyed reading this. I felt that I got more info and enjoyment out of the comment section tho. I will be the first to admit, almost everyone who finds a system they truly enjoy, becomes a fanboy for that particular system, at least to some extent. Which is why i tossed...
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  • Abaratheon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:53 PM
    Are you still looking for players? I am always available on a Sunday afternoon I have experience with pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Dungeon World, DnD 4th Ed and would like to branch our to some other systems let me know Thanks
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  • Palpatim's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:13 AM
    Palpatim replied to a thread Chat Calendar in The Unquiet Lands
    Hi Umiushi, I am confirming for the 4-May Memories Remain game. Right now, I'm unable to confirm for the 18-May game, as I currently have a schedule conflict. It's possible it might clear up over the next few days, and if it does, I'll make a note here. But for now, assume I'll be absent. --T
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  • Palpatim's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:06 AM
    It turns out that Rogur and Varis both have a Stealth of 11. Rogur can lag the main party a few squares behind and to one side, so if there is any pursuit, he'd be able to spot them. We hope. And I've heard of the tactic you describe, Malk0lm, but I can't put a name to it just now.
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